Dev Blog 138: Internal testing of Alpha 33

Yes! :slight_smile:


Excellent! Thanks Olof.

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just re-reading DevBlog 135: ACEO’s future and after reading this again…

"...but we believe that we’ve come up with something that’ll work really well in guiding the player as to what they should do and in what order (in co-existence with the tutorial for new players), while still allowing for experienced airport CEOs to strategize and create new airports in their own way..."

I want to thank you, the devs, for keeping the game strategize free and not restricting us to a one way tutorial play! I tend to loath games that restrict your creativity and cap you to a certain way of playing. The elaborate customization and the endless design freedom you have in ACEO is what keeps me coming back more and more!

Just wanted to share this as I re-read the the DevBlogs and become more and more excited for the up and coming final 4 Alpha releases! Thank you Devs!


No, thank you! The changes coming in Alpha 34 is probably one of the most exiting ones we will deploy, at least for me and you’ll probably understand why as we move closer. We however, as you said, don’t want people to become locked in by that system so that there’ll always be a defined path every CEO takes but instead allow for a lot of freedom in choosing your airport’s direction, similar to how they do it in for example Stellaris and other 4X games.

And still if you want to go crazy from the start you’ll always have sandbox mode! :wink:


Sorry, but what aircraft do we know are coming?

Um A340 A330 and 787

Airbus A350-900, Boeing 787-8, A340-300, A330-200, Some cute GA plane :wink:

Ooooo A350

where di miss these announcements?

I confirmed one was a GA. 787-8, 340-300 and 330-200 won the votes for next planes in the last polls. As the the identity of the other, seems the A350 is the winner.

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Question, what are the new Runway sizes? I want to do pre-planning for my new airport so its designed and ready to build for the release.

From what I recall…
smalls 5x75
medium 5x100
large 7x???

correct me if im wrong…

Also, what are the exit runway sizes going to be for each runway?
And based off the images in the 2 year anniversary Blogpost, it looks like wing span will be about 12-13 tiles…curious for my taxi-taxi separation distances.

And since im here, is ACEO compatible with MacOS Catalina, my Mac wants me to update…

If you can answer these that would be awesome, Thanks in advance!!


You could use the image from the previous dev blog that posted images of them? Not sure other than that.

I already tried that but when I scaled them to a grid. with the medium as 5x100 the small didn’t fit 5x75… it was more like 5x72 and the large came out to like 7x144 a weird number

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So we know from the Trello and what Olaf has explained that Large stands will also allow medium sized aircraft. The question is, a CRJ 200 on a large stand would look real silly (its even a bit small on a medium stand but that’s for another day).

When the auto scheduler is used, it may automatically fill large stands with medium aircraft - and then the large aircraft may not get a chance to park there.

So, my real question here is - will stands be allowed to interact in a similar way to staff rooms - where the CEO (me) get to select what kind of aircraft i prefer to land on which stand. This would be great for medium and large as it would be great to create less taxiway between some stands as there are only small medium planes that park in that area, etc etc.

Another thought on the list of planes that will be released - they are all quite a bit shorter than the 340600, 747 etc. So when playing initially, again referring to taxiway between stands, there could be clipping of wings and tails when a longer plane comes and parks there now. Its also becomes strange to have a huge amount of taxi way between stands when the majority of planes landing there are not that huge.(I think i rephrased my own point here and repeated myself,mmm).

I have not traveled out of Africa, but having been many around here, OR Tambo can be a reference, and i shall assume that most airports are similar. They usually have set parking that the big heavies can park, which can be used by a 777 or similar of course.

It brings to mind the question i recall being asked to know if there will be the ability to allow limitation on taxi ways, so that when you creat a narrower one, you dont have a big plane buldoze through and create some visually hurtful actions:sweat_smile:

The image below hopefully puts into image what i tried to explain. There is almost alwasy a BA 380 and Luft 747 in the parking waiting for their evening departure, with a 2nd BA 747 usully a little further down the “parking bays”. Always a pleasure to see them, with the hope of “Some day”!

Just some some questions as we all eagerly await another epic development:)

I’m sure we’ll be able to toggle off medium aircrafts on the large stand in a similar way we can currently switch off small aircraft on an extended.runway

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Alpha 33 for the weekend would be a nice gift… :slight_smile:


Cait wait for A33! So excited to see that beautiful Air Strada 777!


Can you share it with me too please?


Oop, I don’t have it lol, sorry if I mistyped, I’m not the best at english.

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Devs aren’t on an entire day

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