Correct passage embarking and disembarking,

When passengers embarking and disembarking from an aircraft they never come into contact with each other.

We need separate Arrival and Departure areas which is the correct way to do it and would make the game more realistic.

Departure would have check-in, security point and boarding desks etc,
Arrivals would have baggage claim area etc.

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This is another one of those topics that really have to do a lot with locale. In CPH, which is sort of our “model” airport for obvious reasons, you have shared areas for arriving and departing passengers. The game is complex enough as it is, so I think for right now we will leave it at this but in the future it could become another interesting design element.


Best of luck coming up with a solution for that… looks difficult :joy:


In Schengen-Area it’s normal that they share the same area. Look eg. at Frankfurt or Barcelona.


Actually I don’t mind having them in the same area but the baggage claim definitely needs work.

What happens now is that baggage claim area is not in restricted zones which is completely wrong. The baggage claim area is always separate from the public so that no bags can get stolen. There should be one way exits after the baggage area too (most likely through the customs control).

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As has been said, it varies from airport to airport, country to country, and even between different flights (domestic and international). The rules are so different around the world that it is desirable to pick a single set of rules and run with it. Schengen/Europe is obviously the base model here.

For true segregation, multi level functionality would be desirable.


I traveled quite a lot but I never saw baggage claim accessible for non-passengers.

I mean - can you please let me know where they have it like that? I’d really like to avoid such an airport on the account of possible baggage theft :wink:


No, not always. Plenty of baggage claims are unsecured. Domestic baggage in the UK does not need to be secured and often isn’t (Aberdeen and Edinburgh have domestic belts in public areas). The only reason that baggage needs to be in a secure area is for customs, which isn’t implemented in the game yet.

Being in a secure are doesn’t prevent theft. It does limit the number of people who can commit a crime but it doesn’t prevent theft.

In real life, baggage claims are outside the secured area. That means after the one-way securituy exit.
As I know Schiphol best, I will use that as an example, but is the same order in most other airports.
The baggage claim area is situated right behind the one-way doors. Once you are in the baggage claim, you cannot go back, After the baggageclaim, there is "the “Goods to declare/ nothing to declare” section, where you go through a passage an then the sliding doors (single set) where you enter then shopping centre and meet your familiy or friends. It is technically possible to go back from the outside terminal to the baggage claim, however airport staff will stop you and ask what your purpose is. In some airports it is even easier to rach tot baggage belts from outside.

So the order of things is: Secure area → one-way doors → baggageclaim (-> customs) → public area


Sorry, but you’re replying as if your example is the correct one, while it has been pointed out that baggage claim can indeed be in a secure area. I know that in most of the major airports in my country, baggage claim is before a security exit, since you usually need to show your baggage number, and I’m talking in the context of domestic baggage claim.

Eg. in Frankfurt Terminal 1, A Area and when Iam right also B, it is possible to go from normal unsecured area (Check-In-Desks, Shops etc.) in the middle of this hall one floor down to the baggage claim. The stair faces to the one-way door. There are automated doors and only sometimes open, when passenger routed (normally only Schengen/ Domestic flights) a different way. Most in high frequent times.

I guess we’ll have to wait until they give us, at least, a first floor. I hope we will have that in 5-6 months.

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i think its bristol airport uses an over under kinda idea so boarding is on top and departures is underneath at least for a little bit? or was it france? i know i have seen this some where and now cant remember where it was.

on the baggage claim 90% of the time i have travelled (mostly international) it has been in a secured zone.

this is mostly so that customs can kick the hell out of you if your bringing naughty things into there country…

AKA New Zealand will search your bag if they see hiking boots in your luggage as your going into there country becuase they dont want containments there ( wear the dirty ones as they less likely to check :wink: )

but this is just me.

That is exactly what I am talking about here - I build it exactly that way but found out you can’t build a “one way” out of the baggage claim.

So what happens is all the people go out and leave the baggage claim to return freely when the bags arrive.

I don’t think that is safe and I haven’t really seen anything like that on any major airport I know of. As me123 mentioned it might work this way on some domestic airports in UK but I would definitely not feel that is a good idea. All the airports I ever visited, even the small ones, had the customs / other way of separating the baggage claim from complete outsiders. The airline and airport does in fact have the baggage in their caring until you pick it up so letting anyone wonder in freely is IMO quite a horrible idea.

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Risk of theft is not the issue. Customs is the issue. The segregation will happen when customs is implemented.

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i have just had a thought also.

alot of air ports now take unclaimed bags and have auctions onec or twice a year? this is also a possible future feature.

me personaly i dont see the point i would end up buying a bag belonging to a damn stripper os something stupid like that

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If you want concrete examples of baggage claim existing outside of the secure zone of an airport there are plenty, but these only usually occur in domestic terminals. E.g. Every Australian Airport, NZ Airport, LAX domestic, JFK domestic can all be accessed by the general public. (these are all airports I have travelled through btw)

Baggage claim is generally put behind security when the port of arrival is serving as a first point of entry to a country, and thus requires customs to be cleared etc. As @me123 has said, it’s actually got nothing to do with risk of theft.

That said, I do of course agree that there should be later facility to build secure baggage too, but that will come :slight_smile:

In every airport I’ve been in the USA, deplaning passengers are mixed with departing, and baggage claim is in unsecured. There is no 1 way worldwide as I’ve learned. Arriving international passengers in USA need to clear customs and immigration so that system is different from domestic travel.

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Sometimes my local airport is able to do that though.

I know Fredrik or Olof mentioned something about there actually being two kinds of baggage claim, one for secure zone, and another for unsecure zone. I cannot find that reference though.

what exactly would the difference be? if you connect it to the right stands and what not, there should be no reason to make that distinction