Conveyor Belts That Cross

Conveyor Belts that Can Cross

Fast and slow conveyor belts should be able to cross each other. Underground belts should be able to cross other underground belts or aboveground belts. Aboveground belts should cross other aboveground and underground belts. Belts of either type should be able to run parallel to other belts.

Concurrently, new tiles are required whereby the player actively indicates that two belts are to connect: aboveground-to-aboveground, underground-to-underground, underground-to-aboveground.

Why it should be implemented:
Creating non-crossing belt systems requires convoluted routing to avoid crossing.

+100 votes if I had them :blush:, bit surprised this isn’t voted for more often as I’ve seen A LOT of people asking for this feature… :thinking:

But maybe this will ‘automatically’ be part of the multi floor feature, but if not or if the multi floor is going to take a long time to develop it would be very very helpful in the game to have this feature released as soon as possible.

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This is for sure a part of the multi floor feature, that’s also the reason why it’s not implemented yet and dev don’t really like to work at it. It just would be a workaround which will be obsolete as soon as the multi floor feature is available.

This has received a fair number of votes but this feature request is going to become void when multi floors are implemented. The current solution with underground conveyor belts is a ugly hack and once multi-floors are in there won’t be any underground conveyor belts, just underground conveyor belts that are built on a lower level.

When it’s implemented we’ll lock this thread and move it to the implemented category so that the votes will be released.


Thanks for that Olof! So technically everybody voting for this feature can also move their vote to the multi floor feature and if already voted for that feature, you have an extra vote to use :wink: :+1:


Olof’s response does not address two belts that cross on the same level. That’s also a clumsy fix in that for two belts to cross, we’ll need to create a second level just to allow belts to cross.

I don’t understand what you mean, for any kind of object to pass through a stream in an opposite or crossing direction and maintain its current direction, there has to be an alteration of height otherwise you will violate the laws of physics. The game does allow for belts to cross on the same level but that’ll inevitable force at least one of the crossing directions in a new direction.

If you on the other hand mean that you should be able to create conveyor belts that alter in height within a certain floor, that’d be a separate feature request which would be relevant post the multi-floor implementation. :slight_smile:


How about something like this?

I think they mean something like a slight rise in a line on the same storey of the building. Say the ceiling height is 12 feet, the first belt is 4 feet off the ground. Another line crosses it at 8 feet, still under the ceiling.

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Exactly that’s my understanding of that feature request and that’s what I wanted to have, irrespective of multifloor designs.

Multifloor designs will make underground conveyor belts obsolete, but we still will need crossings…

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