Connecting Flight

Feature request title:

Connecting Flights


Passengers get off their flight and instead of going to baggage claim, they hang around the airport and then get on another flight!

Why it should be implemented:

I think it will add some more depth to the game, like it makes the CEO think about how they want to set up their airport more and it takes away some passengers from going through security and check in.


I support this idea.

May be not possible in one patch work load but this feature, when developed, can create an airport for a hub of an airline.


Very good idea! I could also imagine that an airline decides to build a hub at your airport because you have such a good reputation and then starts a network.

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Hub contracts yes, very much indeed. Three to five times the normal contract traffic and you are only allowed one per terminal or something like that?

Yes! Do you think we should open a new one for Hub Contracts or do you think that should be included in Connecting flights?

I think Hub has already been mentioned and requested. Do a check and if not, request it.

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Reviving the conversation. Now needed for Alpha 35 I would say. There should be a “one way”- arrival to departure -doors for connecting pax.

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It’s “not something we’ve planned” but at the same time “not something that is very unlikely to implemented” as stated here:

I’d guess the second “not” was just too much and it won’t come. :wink:

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I still hope this will be a thing. Time will tell. Atleast it got enough votes XD

i agree its important - two ways to do this

exit out to check in desks then re enter (simple) (passport checks and custom might be required)
just walk to next gate OR use same gate if next plane is incoming (very simple)

find transfer desk and go to new gate (more advanced)

Don’t think it’s happening.

In the comments section of Dev Blog 145 (not the blog itself). Someone asked about connecting flights, Olof’s response was

Connecting flights is not something we’ve planned and not something that is very unlikely to implemented. The game is already complex enough and connecting flights would be a whole new level of complexity with very little value added.

I didn’t know that people still were talking on here!
I still believe that it would make a great addition since it just seems very important in terms of realism. Personally, most flights I take require a connection due to MSP not being a totally connected airport internationally due to my destinations either not being offered directly or it being cheaper to have a connection in Chicago for example. I’m not a developer so I don’t know the complexity behind the scenes, but it seems like all the other highly requested features are getting implemented. Also, Sim airport has this and although these are 2 different games, it has added to my enjoyment through realism.
Thanks again!

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WOW! 187 Votes! @Olof star_struck: :heart_eyes: :innocent: :exploding_head:

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Correction: 195 votes. :slight_smile:
UPDATE: 197 votes :slight_smile:

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Never before in Airport CEO history has a topic been at 200 votes… until now! :slight_smile:


You mean… 201!

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204 now. That is a lot of votes

I voted for this. Simulating PAX behaviour should be easy, but the changes to the baggage system would be a nightmare for the devs

holy mac moly man. I have never seen 208 votes! :star_struck: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: I voted for this too, and this is one of the, if not the highest amount of votes for a topic.

Connecting passengers is a topic again which can be discussed very long again because of different variants around the globe. :laughing:

  • Do passengers have to grab their bags and re-check-in
  • will the bags be transferred automatically and do the pax go directly to their connection flight

(“Another game” has decided that transfer pax never carry on bags, they just go directly to their next flight)