Concrete or Asphalt?

What is better for Airport Concrete or Asphalt?
In my city airport have asphalt taxiways and rwy.
And I want to know what is better in Airport Ceo, Concrete or Asphalt?
I think Asphalt.

In terms of game mechanics I don’t think there is any difference apart of aesthetics for your preference.

But in look I think Asphalt and

me to.

I feel like in the real world, asphalt has a longer shelf life/is lain a lot easier/more efficiently. In my hometown, everything is asphalt, but the parking spots are concrete. Being in Florida, I imagine the concrete could be for cost (I think it is cheaper to lay) and if it is indeed less durable, stands see less movement action than anywhere else; also it could help mitigate heat as concrete is way lighter than asphalt.


As far as I know, asphalt is good for taxiway, 'cause aircrafts are moving most of the time. Concrete is best for stands, as aircrafts stay there for long periods. Concrete is more durable for heavy weight, while asphalt most likely is cheaper.

edit: … for german speaking people I’ve found an interesting document for this topic:

… take a look at chapter 2.x (@page 8 & 9) for more details

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I use concrete purely because the vehicle checkpoint uses concrete at the service road side and asphalt on the public road side. I do use asphalt on the runway though because that makes it easier to distinguish it from the taxiway.


It has been a while since my father told me this, he is an engineer who designs airports, but concrete is in general better than asphalt for runways, aprons, and taxiways. Though why you don’t see concrete used often is the price. Concrete costs considerably more than asphalt per square foot (square meter). This is why at larger airports, Dallas-Fort Worth, O’hare, and the new Schönefeld they use concrete everywhere. Whereas if you look at a smaller regional airport like San Angelo Regional, the runways and taxiways are asphalt, but the apron is concrete where they need the more durable material.

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Only google translate could pull off such a feat!

I’m a concrete inside the airport person and asphalt on the outside… I guess I"m so used to seeing concrete in the US that it didn’t even occur to me that I would have asphalt stands or runways or anything. I’m sometimes thrown off when I see asphalt used on other airport screen shots…“why does the color scheme look so weird?”

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