Runway and Stand damage

At the moment the condition of stands and runways goes down every time they are used.

As far as I can tell, it does not vary. It should.

A small aircraft should cause less damage than a medium aircraft, a large aircraft more than a medium aircraft.

A small aircraft should cause more damage to a grass surface than a paved surface.

Since a concrete stand is more expensive than the asphalt one of the same size, the concrete one should be damaged slightly less (smaller difference than the difference between grass and asphalt) by each use than an asphalt one.

I think ihe damage should vary in the following ways:

Based on surface:
Grass most damaged by each use.
Asphalt in the middle.
Concrete least damaged by each use.

By aircraft size:
Large aircraft cause the most damage with each use.
Medium aircraft in the middle.
Small aircraft cause the least damage with each use.

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I am pretty sure concrete should be middle damaged as it is very brittle but also it expands and contracts more making it wear faster

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Asphalt is good for bearing loads of moving objects. Concrete is superior when it comes to withstanding static loads (stationary aircraft)
Have a look at this thread Concrete or Asphalt?. This topic has already been touched upon.
And when it comes to implementing varying damage rates based on surface; if you have an asphalt stand, damage should rapidly increase. Same goes for concrete runways and taxiways. If you use concrete stands and asphalt runways/taxiways, your damage rates should be lesser than in the previous case.

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My comment was based less on the different properties of asphalt and concrete and more on the current costs within the game:

As it stands the concrete version is more expensive to build and should therefore be better (suffer less damage).

I’m not too fussed about whether the comparative strength and weaknesses of asphalt and concrete in different situations are considered but spending more money on a given item (eg. stand) shouldn’t just be aesthetic there should be an actual benefit to it (less damage).

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Yes, I understand. Also, I would like to say that incorporating strength factors of different materials will provide a complexity to the game, making it more interesting IMHO. When you use the wrong material in the wrong place, you are bound to face problems (unusually high maintenance costs for airport infrastructure).
Hopefully, this will be settled in the gameplay updates in the future…

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I think repair should also be integrated more. Currently you click a button and repair is done instantly. It would be nice to have the ability to schedule a stand/runway for maintenance and contractors with repair equipment and vehicles actually go and do work on it.

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Personally I am not a fan of this in its current form. I basically spend all my time running around repairing the runway and stands… This should either be significantly nerfed or just removed - surely this is under operating cost?

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When you hire the coo, repairs are done automatically when the runways and stands reach 10%

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