Concorde needs a place in ACEO!

I think although Concorde has been wrongly shunned by governments it needs to have a place in ACEO!

Keep the spirit of Concorde alive!!!


Maybe the Concorde could appear less often? I think having Concordes landing at your airport, during every other flight, would be a bit overkill if it was to get to that degree.

I don’t feel like the Concorde should be one of the regular planes that land whenever. Make it less common to see, that would work better in my opinion. Maybe the Concorde could be a specialty plane or something?


May be more realistically, They only fly over large ocean making them region specific.

Heritage type special flight(s). Like a special contract of historic/antique planes touring the continent and willing to stop at your airport for service and/or high paying PAX.


I think that Concorde itself should be treated as a normal passenger plane but should appear only on specific routes (eg. London to new york) and even then be something that doesn’t come very often!

I definitely think there should be heritage type/special flight contracts that can be bought but i don’t think Concorde should be classed as one

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Make it like a special contract (a 4 or 5 star). I like the idea and for another special contract there could be some military planes from the past and present.


Concorde should be a first class experience. So if this is introduced, I’d like to see first class lounge connected directly to a dedicate gate.

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