Community Design Challenge - Stage 2

Hi, Boss! I just talked with the Governor, and gotta say, they loved what you’ve done with the airport! They look so sleek, modern-ish but with that special touch!

Plymouth International Airport - brand new, sleek, and chic

Anyways, the Board has unanimously authorized the expansion of PIA. The government will allow the purchase of 1 additional plot of land next to the airport. However, for this next expansion, the government has high aspirations for us.

Let me check first. From the Governor’s Office, we need to:

  • Build at least 4 medium stands
  • Offer more comprehensive services including baggage, catering, and cleaning
  • Maintain operations of existing commercial and GA stands
  • Reach a daily passenger count of 2500
  • Reach an airline overall rating of 80%
  • Reach an passenger overall rating of 75%
  • Reach a security overall rating of 80%
  • Maintain a daily operating profit of $500,000
  • Have a cash reserve of $5,000,000
  • Employ 200 people directly or indirectly

These should help attract more tourist, and hopefully businesses to invest in our country. The government has also authorized the construction of a rail system from the airport to the north and south points to help with the traffic congestion.

That being said, the local labor union has also sent a worded letter. It praises us about our contribution to the local economy. However, the Governor and the union has signed an agreement limiting working hours; maximum 4 hours per shift, and a standard 9-5 working hour for our office staffs.

I know it sounds like a lot, but hang in there boss! You know, I heard there were talks for the airport to be sold off to a third party. If we can prove that this island can be an attractive paradise, no doubt someone else would be taking over and you can soon enjoy sunshine on the beach!

Nothing like sunshine and a few pina coladas on Woodlands Beach, ey?

PS: Oh, and another small note from the Governor’s office: Keep the airport fenced in!

Hi everyone, sorry for taking a long time. I’ve finally finished tallying up the results and can finally continue on Stage 2. In Stage 2, the goal is expansion, so don’t be afraid to go big!

For those who are unaware, the gist of this Community Design Challenge is that you’re taking an airport (this airport, PIA) and achieving milestones given a certain set of restrictions. I’ll upload the save for PIA, and you can design it however you want to achieve the milestone. Post your design here, along with your saves (so I can confirm it), then I can check whether you have achieved the milestone. One save, which has the best design while achieving the standards above, will be used as template for Stage 3 (which will have new milestones and such).

The only technical restrictions I’m running for this challenge are:

  • You must run on Realistic International Stand setting.
  • All saves must be on public build, not experimental (to ensure stability).
  • No mods used on the airport (this is to make things fairer, especially later down the line).

So the objectives are quite clear:

Subway can now be used on the airport. Baggage handling is enabled. If you want to tear down the terminals and build a new one, you’re welcome (though it will be costly).

Daily passenger count is not the number on the dashboard / bottom UI, but based on the operations report. Following that, please don’t deleted the operations and economy report. This is how I’ll track whether your airport can keep those stable numbers :v

How Major Employer works is, your staff is counted on a 1:1 basis (so 200 staff = 200 employment). However, your contracts, connections, and franchises all count towards this number:

  • Franchise Staff counts as 1:2 basis (so 1 franchise staff = 2 employment),
  • Garbage counts as 20 for employment,
  • Catering counts as 20 (1-star), 40 (2-star), and 50 (3-star),
  • Bus stop counts as 1:5 (1 stop = 5 employment),
  • Subway counts as 1:20 (only counts once, 1 subway connection = 20 employment)

The link for the save (finally managed to get Workshop working):

Deadline for Submission is 26/07/2020 at 12 AM (midnight) CEST
Disclaimer: this challenge is not affiliated in any way, shape, or form, with Apoapsis Studios AB except pertaining to the use of Airport CEO as the basis of the challenge. This is meant to be a fun way to do something new as a community.


4 medium is the minimum. However, look at the criteria listed in the table. If you can put in 8 or more medium stands, that’s 30 points towards your score.

This also applies to Daily Passenger Count.

Another clarification: for Shopping/Food (3x), means you need at least 3 shopping/food franchises active at your airport.

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Er, can I use my airport I made instead of that one?

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oh, 8 medium stands gets the most points? ok, ill build 20 because 8 is was too little

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Just remember only one land expansion is approved by the governor! :wink:

Unfortunately, no. It’s part of the design challenge. As mentioned in the previous challenge, “One save, which has the best design while achieving the standards above, will be used as template for Stage 2”. This will also carry over for Stage 3.

That being said, that’s 8 medium stands minimum. Though that goes hand in hand with reaching higher daily passenger count.

I can’t post in there sadly. That’s up to the moderators. Plus, I think those are contests the devs made in the past.


My OCD killed me while making this airport for stage 2. I am nearly done though… and we will “Make the Island of Montserrat Great Again!” Okay, sorry, terrible joke.

How about this one: “The Island of Montserrat Will Never Be The Same.” Okay… Much better! :slight_smile:

Hey @ReV0LT, do you know how much stages there will be?

I’m planning for this build to be 3 stages.

That being said, there’s also another interesting community design challenge I already have in mind :v


PIA, has now officially completed Stage 2 of development. A second level has been built over the original terminal to allow for more arrival facilities as well as a lounge. More security have also been added.

A new medium satellite terminal has been built as well! :slight_smile: Housing 8 medium stands in a “L” shaped terminal building.

Baggage, Catering, and Cleaning are now available at a price you will enjoy! De-icing is in the works, bu there are plans for that. :baggage_claim: :canned_food: :moneybag: :snowflake:

Other things have been built as well, such as: Nuclear Bunker, (I based it off Denver lol) PIA sign, NEW RUNWAYS, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! :smiley:

I will post the Steam Workshop link here after I get it working :wink:

Based on the airport location, you won’t ever need deicing services

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Er, I have yet to start lol, all I have done is removed the right runway and built a medium one, I should really get to work

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Yeah, but I literally have 15 million dollars to waste… so I did with a bunker and de-icing… ya know, just in case. :wink:

Minor clarification: The exec. lounge refers to the lounge for passengers. The area size is for 1 lounge, not combined.

EDIT: That being said, you can have multiple lounges as you see fit.

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I might have gone a little overboard with departures immigration. Oh well, nearly bankrupted me. :man_shrugging:

Aaaaaaaaaah, the passenger rating is so difficult to get :sob:

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How do I submit if it’s ready? :sweat_smile:

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Post the link here! Cant wait to see your airport! :slight_smile:

I have given up on this one because I have not been playing ACEO recently

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Just got a letter for the governor’s office, the expansion of the airport has been approved. Indeed, more and more passengers were trying to come and visit the island, but the small airfield we’d improved in the last few years wasn’t sufficient anymore. Along with this expansion, a new railway express line was already under construction to improve the airport’s connection with the main city center and relieve the road network a bit from the congestion that was slowly but surely becoming an issue for the locals.

To make things even worse, or better, airlines where beginning to pressure me about the size of our infrastructures which was clearly undersized for what they needed. New gates and a new runway was being looked forward, quite urgently.

First, a new general aviation ramp was needed. The old one was fine, but quite inconveniently placed with the new gate size we’ll have to fit next to our main terminal building. The selected design will be able to handle ten general aviation aircrafts at a time, with two private lounges for the pilots to rest while waiting for their aircraft’s being serviced.

Once this done, time for the expansion of the RWY18R/36L and RWY18L/36R. The first one would be expanded to fit larger planes, up to Boeing 757’s, as some airlines had requested it, while the second one would only be lengthened by a few hundreds feet to improve safety upon landing.

Terminal wise, the single floor commuter one was clearly showing its limits and with the arrival of much larger aircrafts than DHC-6s, jetways wouldn’t be a luxury.
A second floor was also clearly needed, even without accounting for the increased passenger flux into the check-in areas.

All the gates located on the main commercial apron, A6 to A12 were upgraded to bigger stands, with a bridge connecting the aircraft and the upper floor of the terminal. The A6 gate was relocated at the end of the commuter pier with the five remaining commuter gates A1 to A5.

To meet the overall demand without exploding the budget allowed to the expansion, the remaining 8 gates needed would need to be located in a remote location on the apron, with 6 medium sized stands and 2 supplementary commuter stands right next to the general aviation apron.

A dual floors pier dedicated to remote stands operations was constructed on the South of the terminal to meet the increasing demand associated with those new gates.

Now that all the gates are placed in the new airport layout, we needed to improve the transportation methods to reach and leave the airport. The parking areas was still quite fine, but not enough anymore. Decision was made to dig under and add a new long term parking underground, right under the old one. The bus stops would be relocated underground as well, leaving some space for the taxis and drop-offs area.

This was also the perfect place to fit the entrance to the brand new underground rail station station, along with some rest area for passenger and a new café for the morning birds leaving our wonderful island.

The check-in area had also to be a bit expanded, with new check-in desks now allowing checked baggages! A few self check-in kiosk were also added on each side of the terminal.

The security checkpoints, now completely undersized for the new affluence in the terminal were moved to the upper floor along with new facilities for passengers, including new shops, airline lounges and restaurants.

On the East terminal expansion, a baggage claim area was added in place of the A6 to A12 gates, preceded by the immigration checkpoints and the remote arrivals on the right.

This all combined would prove to be sufficient enough for the 5 to 6 thousands passengers each day the airport was about to receive.

Airport expansion also meant new administration area, with a brand new executive’s office’s now on the upper floor, just over the South check-in zone.

As general facilities, the new airport expansion was also now providing airlines with cleaning and catering services.

Overall (quite fluctuacting) rating of the airport

Overall airport view

Link to the savefile

Thanks to Rev0LT setting up this challenge and good luck to every participant to the contest :slight_smile: