Classic DLC concepts (fan art)

[NOTE: everything here is fan-made by me and all pictures are not actual in-game footage]

I was thinking lately about what the future of the game could look like after the official release. One of the things that came to mind was a DLC with classic aircraft. I went on and made my own aircraft to see what it could look like. Keep in mind that I’m by no means as good as the aircraft designer of AirportCEO. I made this just for fun.

Douglas DC-6

Douglas DC-3

Fokker F-27

De havilland Comet

Douglas DC-10

I’m aware that the scale isn’t right but I didn’t bother with that


Ugh, I would LOVE to see a trijet. Have a tattoo of an MD-11 schematic :heart:

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Beautiful work :heart:


Thanks so much! I’m not as good as you but I enjoyed making them anyway.