Boeing 707

If there’s one plane I would enjoy seeing that would be the Boeing 707. I do know that it’s not built or used any more but I would like to see Classic aircraft in the game.image


Yup, would be awesome to see this bird in game :blush:

But one plane that I would enjoy seeing is F70 or F100 :wink:

I’ve seen you constantly saying that you want to see the F100 in the game

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cause I am in love with that bird :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

My second favourite is probably A340 or A350-1000…

I think the A340-600 Should not fly at all

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I hope we can do aircraft mods soon , then we will have all that planes very fast :smile:

I’m gonna make a classic aircraft pack including: -707 -Comet -DC3 -DC6 DC8 -DC10 -Super Constalation -etc

Hmm, where have I heard those names before :joy:

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I’ve read that but you didn’t mention the 707

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