Chance start of boarding time


It’s possible to start boarding time earlier. Always airplane starts with delay. I have for medium stand 1 small boarding desk and. 2 self boarding.

Thanks kevin

The first big question: Does the boarding start on-time?
If the boarding already starts with a delay, then the problem might be at the cleaning of the aircraft. Boarding cannot start before cleaning is finished.

On passenger site, are all passengers close to the gate or are they hanging out in shops, restaurants or restrooms on the other side of the airport? This can also cause delays. Or you have a bottleneck at the security and the passengers aren’t even through.

For boarding, more desks can speed it up. But when the passengers are everywhere and the boarding starts not on time, then you should focus on that issue first.

I do prefer realistic numbers and don’t have delays.
Small: 1 medium desk and 1-2 automated
Medium: 1 medium desk and 3-4 automated
Large: 1 large desk and 4-5 automated

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I have the ATr42 airplane in use. Around 48 pax. 1 small stand 3 Self Boarding desk. The airplane will be finish very quickly. After half of time cleaning ist Finished. Then Long time Nothimg Happend until Boarding start. Like 1 h before Departure. Passanger Need to Walk for a while to the airplane. Thats the issue maybe :slight_smile:

Are all pax within the secure zone when the boarding starts?

Yes all pax are beside the Boarding desk :slight_smile:

It’s a bug.
You have to wait until you researched the automatic desks, then it will work.

see Current bug status in the game? - #21 by humoresque and the rest of the topic, I’ve tried that out

Taking a look at this again, maybe I can pop it in some mod to have a manual adjuster on how early a flight begins to board or how it should scale to boarding desks connected…

That would be great :smile: