Car/bus/taxi spam

I once again need to talk about it, because it’s quite a significant problem:

At ANY airport i create i regularly get an enormous flood of cars driving to the airport to go to a drop off spot, don’t actually drop anyone off, and then leave again. This also happens to buses and taxis. They do absolutely nothing but clog up the every single road around my airport, which causes delays. I don’t know what to do about it but I would love for some explanation because it’s incredibly annoying.

Could you take pictures during the day? Also, it seems like you don’t have a good roadway layout.

Is there anything I can change to make it more efficient?

One entrance to the whole airport.
That is probably better, but it doesn’t look like you have many backups when you took this screenshot. That’s probably down to flight scheduling, so I would add more car and bus stops. Also, if you can, use subway stations.

The short term car parkings are buggy, they generate too much private car traffic with sims, who doesn’t use the airport. Remove some of them and build some more car-/bus-/taxi-stops. Sims, who use these are real airport visitors/users.

A long time ago the problem was discussed here: Airport CEO or Parking Lot CEO? - #19 by djr5899. As you see in the example, reducing the short term parking lots reduces only the sims, who do not use the airport. You’ve got still enough lots for the real visitors.

Except that it doesn’t have that issue. Just because you haven’t palayed the game in a while doesn’t mean that everything hasn’t been fixed. It is still a good idea though to have mostly long-term parking.

You are right, the issue is fixed. I tested it out.

But what I discovered: you don’t need long-term parking spaces at all. The only thing they are doing is reducing public transport (as in reality :wink: ) up to its complete absence in case of many parking spaces.
The other way around: without these parking spaces there will be more buses and taxis (and trains). All passengers still reach the airport.