Cannot resolve staff strike

I walked away for a few minutes and apparently there was a staff strike and I missed the pop up that allows you to negotiate their wages. I do not see any way to bring up that option…so the only thing I can do now is wait for the timer to pass I guess.

Also, are staff strikes just a random incident or is there some sort of meter that keeps track of my staffs mood/needs?

I similarly inquired about viewing/monitoring “Staff Happiness” within a post about the in-game achievements “Life at Apoapsis” and “Unionize!”

I seem to recall that there is no other action to take but waiting when you miss the staff strike message.

It cannot be resolved except for time, it’s always a bit dangerous leaving your device when the simulation is running. But you are correct that it’s not visibly expressed today, we’re adding a ticket for that and we’ll solve it in an upcoming deployment.

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