Can you Mod on Macbook?

Hey there! I can’t find any good articles on how to mod the game on Airport CEO For the macbook. If anyone has any videos or good explanations you can contact me here or on discord!


For businesses? Yeah, that’s not very documented and I can’t help you there… I’m on PC. Does anyone else knows how to/sources of info for this?

@twocflyer mods on mac and wrote a general guide:


I mod on a Mac too and the offer of help is also there from me.


Isn’t the process exactly the same on Windows and macOS but simply with different tooling? Or are you talking about the process of creating the mod specifically on a mac? :thinking:

I have a 2020 Macbook Air, I’m new to modding games. I was just curios if it supports macos as most games aren’t programmed to work on mac.

It does work very well. I’ve not encountered any issues from my side.