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Buildable jetways for stands.


Jetways can be built in a similar way as the queue and possible for going across floors. As a result, jetways can be built into different shapes and connect the ground floor and second floor(or first and third floor).

I’ve seen there are entry & exit marks for jetways, so I assume that it’s also possible to make entrance & exit bridges connected to different floors. So that another important feature for most airports----departure and arrival floors----is possible to be shown in-game.

Why it should be implemented:

I’ve seen quite a lot of suggestions about removing the roads attached to the stands and heard one of the reasons that it’s still not implemented is the length of the jetway. So I think this can be a solution to have customized jetway length and shape so adapt to the various situation, and get rid of the attached roads.

Another reason is that for corner stands, airports often have much longer bridges connecting the terminal build to the left side of planes, while in-game now the only option to simulate this is to extend the terminal build (such as using one tile), which made it looks not as good. A customized jetway, however, can easily solve this problem.

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(pics from Google search results)

A bit add-ons:
this part is for some daydreams so take it easy
I noticed that at some airports there are these “fake” jetways:

With the customized jetway implemented it might be possible to build these fancy remote stands (and it’s hard to implement I know) but I think it can be implemented as an upgrade option and the size of such jetways seems to be fixed so it might be easier.

Finally, still big shout out to all the devs, and thank you guys for reading this.
And thanks for voting for the feature!

22:38:49 11/19/2020
Just got some new thoughts. I’m not sure about the mechanism of jetways. We can see pax walking into the plane on a remote stand but we can only see pax walking into the bridge. Are pax still walking into the plane or they just spawn at the end of the jetway? If it’s the former, it’d be nice to see some transparent texture so it’s more intuitive. If it’s the latter, it seems easier for us to have a customized jetway?

Yes, most airports in China divide the bridge into upper and lower levels to distinguish between arriving and departing passengers. When the plane is disembarking, they will close the glass door in the pick-up area. The fake bridge is the remote stand of the T3 terminal of Beijing Capital International Airport. This function is to use the air-conditioning motor on the bridge to replace the APU to reduce pollution. Of course, this also solves your problem. The problem of the airplane being caught in the rain.

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Yeah I’ve read an article about those fake jetways at PEK. They built a few of them several years ago but nowadays, with the development of AC & power units, they don’t need to have the equipment hiding under the bridges. So I think it’s no quite useful except for rain prevention. I learned that there are similar buildings at LAX and MUC, but still seem kind of experimental. Probably because of the cost I assume.

Of course that idea sounds great, not sure how big is the impact to the game if the current way is going to be changed.

By the way, there is already a vote for this: Custom Jetyways

And some concepts can already be realized by building foundation as extension of the jetway:


Wow that’s really a post from long ago :joy: But I do think mine has somehow a more feasible suggestion regarding the implementation of the game.

I knew the method of extending the foundation and I had used it before, as shown in your screenshot, you need two tiles of foundation and it does look kinda weird. BTW my biggest hope is still to be able to get rid of the roads attached to the stand.

I like what you did there. Creative!

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Glad you like it! Hope it’ll be implemented in the near future, because we all want the game to be better, don’t we? :smiley:

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