Custom Jetyways

Feature request title:

Extensible custom jetways.


Allow the ability to build extensible jet airways between the terminal and stand.

Why it should be implemented:

To allow greater utilisation of the stands/ground and building foundation and still let vehicles operate as normal.

Images, references or additional content:


It just gives you more creative ideas to build your airport, Extendable custom jetways with the option of building an extra rotunda or small building connecting t

o the next jetway.


I know that’d be pretty darn hard to put in the game, but would be quite cool if you could connect the place when the jetway would begin (a piece of wall or a door) and an AI would set the best, realistic and efficient jetway configuration or it’d have different already existing presets of different jetway configs.

I would also love to see a modular stand, that you can build the jetway attached to a staircase with also a Bus gate. Like this one in Barcelona El Prat

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