BUG:Security checkpoints don't detect multiple secure zones?

I am trying to order the security,stands and checkin desks by using multiple secure zones(2 zones at this moment)
It looks like the security checkpoints are securing all medium stands while it should only should secure the medium stands in the secured zone.

Is there any way to fix this or is this a bug?

This is not a bug, but multiple terminals like you have here, is not possible yet.

@iInFiniTy is right, not possible yet, people might get problems with pathfinding. Simple solution for now is to place a corridor between the 2 terminals.

@iInFiniTy @Patje89 Thanks for the information. I indeed get problems with pathfinding with this design. I removed the room between the terminals and everything is fine now. I didn’t know this was not supported yet.

Try a reload. If the zones are not touching they should be seen as separate ones.

@Fredrik I already tried that. Got pathfinding issues with this design and the security checkpoints don’t separate the zones.

Looks like the update fixed my problem. Still need to test if i got pathfinding issues.

Thanks for testing @Fredrik . The security checkpoints works great. Still need to find a way to get staff traveling between the terminals.

@Admigo I think I might have a solution for the staff. Just make a corridor between the two sepperate terminals, mark it as secure and as staff only. This might work? Maybe…

I already tested that. If you connect the 2 terminals with a secure zone it will change to 1 terminal. I think i will make an extra security checkpoint for staff only.