Blueprint Planning

Please can we get the ability to plan out areas???

i waste so much time building something then tearing it back down because i got it wrong?

If we could use a planing system first i would save so much time at the begginging of each game!


Hmm, i know the fastest way now is.

Follow this steps:

  • Full sandbox mode
  • Press F10
  • Uncheck the squares under “Construction” (Simulate Construction, Simulate Matrials)

Then you are going to instabuild without wating on the construction builders to build it.

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I agree with Wingnut, I’d love to have some sort of planner to draw an sketch of the foundations stands and objects and get rid of needing to carefully measure squares and putting the finger on the screen to keep track of the size ob objects…

A “move” option (with waiting time for builders) would do enough for me. Then you can move benches, shop elements, banks, check in desks, etc.


I agree with the move option also, or at least a deconstruct which then sends it to storage for use later

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A simple 4x4 for foundations/stands/taxiways etc
And a 1x1 for walls/objects etc would suffice


In the meantime, pause the game, build, and turn the game speed up once you’re happy.

You can also just build items while having no constructors on site? :wink: This is ‘sort of planning’…


The only drawback is you need the money to place them. It will not deduct until you unpause, but if you don’t do this method with enough to cover the most expensive thing you do it fails.

The game needs a planner , a comprehensive planner would allow you to zone priorities, so you could plan the whole airport and then allocate certain parts to build in certain order.

Pretty sure that how a real airport build project is done. Not by some dude going “righty ho, let the constructors in now please we’re going big bang” :slight_smile:

Softly softly catchee monkee

So, the build priority mask would be something like a bathroom/shop/food/staffroom overlay that does not need to be contiguous (unlike secure area - in fact I’ve just realised that only secure does need connecting - cool). Draw boxes around stuff you’ve put on the ground and allocate a build order
Grass Runway, ATC, stands taxiway - build order 1
Fuel depot and service roads, checkpoint - build order 2
and so on…
VIP All-singing, all-dancing executive suite and massage parlour - build order 56 :slight_smile:

Then you activate the zone as and when you need/afford to build that piece. The zone will calculate the costs of the build. The stuff inside the zone will be editable until build order is activated. The you dedicate a team of constructors to the task. You should be able to declare how many builder are required for a zone. You should be able to have multiple zones building at the same time. You should be able to employ multiple contractor firms to support you.

You might want to be able to allocate constructors to other tasks that are not in build zone areas, like fixing some stupid design feature that would take the removal of a couple of walls only, otherwise those tasks would suffer with a fixed project based build approach.

Just my tuppence worth. We need a blueprint designer - and a clone tool too!

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You cannot build in blueprint mode when walls need to be demolished. I already made a thread about the fact that zone crossing objects should be able to overrule walls, another suggestion I did however was a building queue, then you could move up all walls in pause, and start until all walls are demolished and pause again.

Good idea! Just like in Prison Architect. Blueprinting, before you build and an option to clone parts of a building.

yeah and rimworld.

but it would also be nice if we could save room blueprints so that we just drop them down in other places later on as well?

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I was going to suggest a blueprint option and found this thread. The biggest problem I find is trying to forward plan a large airport without spending money. Being able to layout blueprints for things like plane stands, runways and terminal foundation without the items actually being built would make it a lot easier to plan. You could then simply place the actual item over the blueprint when you are ready to build it. I also like the idea of saving rooms. I tend to lay out rooms in the same way when starting again so that would be a great help.

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Maybe you should be able to “SHIFT build” something to have it as blueprint?

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