Beta feature request - multiple contractor contracts, manual refill/empty truck, bigger airport size and

Hello Devs,

Fab job in getting thru to Beta! Just having thought of a few features that pops into my mind - feel free to raise any questions!

Hope this will gain a lot of votes :wink:

  1. Manual refill of fuel trucks or emptying of trash truck
  • Able to fill a large a/c with one fuel truck only instead of having to rely on 2 and sometimes even 3 trucks
  • Being able to maintain a level of fuel contained in the tank
  • Alternatively I hope we can set a parameter that if fuel trucks have a fuel level below certain level (e.g. 50%) they’ll go and refill themselves
  • Similar feature to trash trucks - but in the reverse - if a trash truck has more than 50% occupied then it’ll go and empty itself
  1. Larger map area
  • must have been raised by endless people but still this is a feature I believe will be useful
  • The current emergency add-on does make the space quite constrained given the size of fire stations, police stations & hangers
  1. Multiple contractor contracts
  • When building large airports one contract of 130 or so builders is not enough
  • In reality a lot of airports (or, large infrastructre projects) are built with multiple vendors on site
  • Would also appreciate if we could have more contractors per contract
  1. Jetbridges across multiple floors/areas
  • Quite a few airports are doing this especially hub airports e.g. HND, NRT, PVG, BKK, etc
  • Being able to put domestic on one level and international on another - so the stand can accept a domestic turn and then take an intl turn
  • Even better if we can separate international arrivals but worse case scenario we’ll work around this

Hope to see them getting implemented eventually :wink:


for 2;

be warned though, it drops all support
and can be unstable
but for the time being, it works

edit: also +1 as i’m out of votes

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