Currently have 34 hours in game and i’v noticed time and time again the balancing of prices is way off. The most expensive fuel contract i have seen for Avgas 100LL(Standard fuel) is $0.005 per litre, they deliver 200,000 L in one go so that’s 200,000 x $0.005 = 1000 this can’t be right. $1000 for 200,000 litre’s of fuel? You get about $3-5 every few litre’s when filling up the aircraft so the buying price should be at least $0.50 at cheapest and about $1 or more at most expensive. At $0.50 a litre it would cost $100,000 to get 200,000 litres but you would be making anywhere between $300,000-$500,000 on that 200,000 litre’s that’s at least a 200% profit margin. Even at $1 a litre you are still going to be making $100,000 profit so that’s a 50% profit margin. My suggestion is Fuel should be $1.50 per litre at most expensive and $1 a litre at cheapest with you making $2 per litre you fill aircraft up with.

I’v also noticed the maintenance cost for everything is extremely low. Its pretty much impossible to lose money and the finance management is extremely easy. I am playing on extreme difficulty but right now difficulty levels only determine the starting sum of cash. I know its early alpha but the balance really really needs work ASAP developers.

(Edit) A good time to do the balance changes in my opinion would be when you guys revamp the contracts system as that way you can balance the contracts out with the prices and so on. This way you guys wont need to go back later and go through all the code to change everything after new content is added and can just balance the new content as its developed.


The price of the fuel is quite real, the amount of fuel by airplane,B737 and A320 have a maximum capacity of 24k - 26k litres of fuel.

But I’m agree the consumer sale price its expensive its a big profit margin and its no a real price

Yeah for sure, doing the math is quite hard as the fuel ticks seem to be about 3-5 litres of fuel that they give the plane between every dollar symbol that pops up. They should just change that so every litre a $ tick comes up saying $2 or what ever. I think $1.50 per litre for the most expensive buying price and then you get $2 each litre you give to an aircraft. That’s still 50c per litre profit and that would be $100,000 profit, 25% Profit margin for the worst contract. I think $1 a litre should be the absolute cheapest available for a contract here as that would be $200,000 profit, 200% profit margin. I made sure i know the math before i posted to make sure i was correct with my suggestion of prices here.

Also yeah, i was not complaining about how much fuel the planes fill up with only the balance of the pricing of the fuel and overall maintenance cost of things in and around the airport.

Wirh all the respect I do not agree with Bush_Snade at all.

The fuel prices depend on where you airport is situated, in Afrika or in Scandinavia for example. So actually we cannot start saying that balance fuel prices or any prices. If we do so then we have firsly to deside are we using USA prices or EU prices or far East prices or what. The same applies to the entire work force and employee salaries.

So developers. Forget pricing for now.

In my mind the prices are not at all a key issue in this game. The developers should not listen or take into consideration at this point any pricing things. Now the developers have to concentrate into fixing any bugs in the game and also making the program to run with fast FPS.

And secondly the developers should work with new features to be added into this game.

I agree the over all prices on services fuel,gate fees ect are low,compared with staff pay seems to be on par.