Baggage trolley future suggestion

From the bus/car park you pick up your plethora of bags and bosh them on a trolley. You take the trolley like a drunk driver as it snakes towards check in where you hand your party’s bags over. you then need to dump the trolley somewhere, inevitably hygiene services usually get lumbered with herding these metal sheep back to the trolley parks.

On the other side in reclaim the same in reverse, you grab a trolley and wait for your bags to appear, plonk them on the trolley and off you go in the same drunken-trolley manner to the car park/bus stop. Again you see some thoughtless person dump their trolley in an empty car parking bay, feeling smug you return yours to the trolley bay.

It’s worth noting that passengers travelling alone or just with a companion are less likely to use a trolley. I understand the game is about to come out of internal testing and into our eager hands and don’t expect this feature to be implemented at all but I thought it might be a good idea for the long run.

key points
-Trolley bays, at reclaim, at check in, in the car park/bus stop.
-Groups use trolleys typically (random modifier that increases the chance of using one as more pax are in the group?).
-Some pax put them in the bays, others just dump them in a corner.
-Staff required to round up the trolleys (at the airport i work, it’s hygiene services landside, security airside).

I can’t believe this hasn’t been suggested before, maybe it has but I’ve used the search function,
regards, a forum lurker that never normally posts :wink:


Hey there, you are right, i cannot remember anyone proposing this feature :slight_smile:
It would add some nice detail, although i do see some technical challenges.
i.e. as you said, it makes more sense for a bigger party, which we dont have yet

Expanding on it a bit, I know in my airport there are trolley porters who will help push your loaded trolley for a fee.

This has been suggested before and the developers have looked at it. For the time being it will not be part of the game but they did say they may look to add this.

Can you link the original post?


Thanks, I couldn’t find it.

@ReV0LT you must work in a bigger airport than i do. Mine’s not the biggest by a long stretch :smile:

Not really though. Well, putting it in the Mod Manager suggests that my airport is huge, but porters are also available on smaller, regional airports in my country.

The airport I work in actually removed the trolleys from the arrival terminal because the people kept hitting each other.

Good suggestion though!

Nice suggestion! The airport looks too formal and organised without trolleys ; )

Some airports even actually charge you for using a trolley!
I find it outrageous, but as Airport CEO I would totally consider it; just with charging for using toilets :hear_no_evil:

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I love the idea, nice addition to a game I personally think… I ran out of votes though :frowning:

I ran out of votes months ago

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