Baggage issues:Am I dumb or is it a bug?

Not sure if its a bug or my own incompetence… But I tried to follow the diagram to the letter and all bags are getting stuck on the Baggage Belts out from the Check in and nothing is getting loaded onto the baggage bay back in either. That said Congrats @Fredrik and @Olof on the launch… having fun despite the issues.

Many thngs can cause baggage deadlock. But probably the reason is not-connection. Have you ever checked that baggage belts are continuous? Is there a missing piece?

I confirmed they are… it looks like my ramp agents are all in the terminal… any idea how to get them out?

So your terminal and your baggage bay are on separate buildings? If possible could you show me a screenshot of your airport?

Maybe due to ramp agents can’t reach baggage bay, this occurs.

I think you didn’t make a sidewalk from terminal to the baggage bay

do i have to have sidewalk on my ramp as well? Cause im not sure how to do that

Only outdoor needs sidewalk
Also roads have to connect to the bay and baggage cart must be purchase

I’ve done the latter, ill try the sidewalks

I tried adding the crosswalks and everything and the baggage arrives at the bay along wth the service truck, but no ramp agents (that are assigned) turn up.

Are they exiting the terminal via a secure area?

Do you mean out the doors to the stand?

Do the ramp agents leave via a door from a secure area, if they are going to the baggage bay?

Yes, they go through the door at the stand I think

Try zoning the baggage building and sidewalks and crosswalks as secure

Ok, I’ll try that later, I’m out at the moment but I’ll try later. The devs were made aware last night on twitter and I have reported it as a bug but I was just interested if anyone else had the same problem. Thanks

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Ah ok, I have also seen others with this problem, I’m not certain it will work but it’s worth a try

Thanks for your help!

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