BACK ON THE WORKSHOP: Manchester Alan Turing Airport - Large, Modern 52 Stand Satellite Airport

Inspired by Heathrow’s Terminal 5, Manchester Alan Turing Airport utilises space effectively, with 13 medium and 28 large stands, plenty of seating areas and a large shopping and dining area - this is probably the largest well-designed airport you’ll find.

With two large runways on either side of the land, the airport incorporates a satellite ‘toast-rack’ design, with access via underground, secure tunnels. The airport also features an underground short stay and long stay car park, with escalator access to the terminal.

All service vehicle parking is located underground, again to maximise ground floor space. The airport features a National Rail station, with links to Manchester Victoria, Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Airport, as well as a Metrolink station, bringing the airport within closer reach to the region.

The airport is named after Alan Turing, an English mathematician and computer scientist, who lived in Wilmslow, Manchester.

This airport is very large and I would carefully plan your flight schedule to avoid severe delays. Staff can be hired in bulk using the F10 menu (fn + F10 on Mac). I’d strongly recommend using F9 (fn + F9 on Mac) and use ‘motherlode’ cheat to gain some much needed money (this airport is expensive to operate!)

2 - Check-in and Security
1 - Departures
G - Arrivals, Train/Metrolink Station, Pick-up/Drop-off
-1 - Departures Satellite Filter, Short and Long stay Car Park
-2 - Arrivals Satellite Filter

If you like this airport, it’s available in the Steam Workshop. Check out my previous creation, Coventry Airport, which can be found on the workshop.



yeash thats huge. how are the frames?

Amazing work! You are truly a talented airport designer.

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The frames begin to decrease when I open satellites B and C.

Thank you!

Amazing work!!!

looks like Heathrow Terminal 5, so cool!


could you post link?


I also named my Manchester airport after Alan Turing! Not as nice as this one though

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Thats a cool design! I named a Manchester airport after Sir Alex Ferguson! Not as fancy though


After the appointment of a new CEO, Amar Johal, and an extensive refurbishment of the entire airport, I can show you a few snapshots as the project nears completion. The renovations have been designed for true passenger segregation, better accessibility, with elevator shafts ready to be constructed, and an entirely new check in and security hall, prepared for self check-in and bag-drop. New, balconied floors have been constructed on top of both satellites for premium lounges - as inspired by Zurich Airport’s Terminal E.

The renovation focuses on passenger space, organisation, full stair-free access to all areas and a vast improvement on vehicle pathfinding. The airport is designed to operate essentially as 3 airports, A gates, B gates and C gates, each with their own catering, fuel, vehicle and waste depots, and conveniently placed baggage bays, designed for superior aircraft turnaround times. Whilst one stand has been removed, totalling 40 stands, 9 medium stands have been added to B gates. The refurbished airport is prepared for Domestic/International segregation. Walkavators/Travelators will be placed in the Departures and Arrivals filters benath ground, to ensure passengers make their flight in time. All that is required is a shop and restaurant re-design and fit-out, and the airport will be ready for the Steam Workshop. Bring on Alpha 35!

The airport has been reconfigured to allow far more facilities and services, whilst widening taxiways (to avoid those wingtip collisions).

A clear view of the terminal headhouse (A gates), and satellite buildings (B and C gates).

The refurbishment includes far more seating for passengers, with a focus on interesting design and softened corners to direct passengers naturally, all whilst prioritising space.

Every gate will feature step-free access, with elevator shafts ready to be built. The design allows for complete departures/arrivals segregation, to ensure maximum airport security.

Large stands now feature far more gate seating, to ensure more passengers can have a comfortable experience.

The completely new check-in hall is designed for automation, with areas created for self-check in kiosks and self-bag drops. Eligible passengers may use the premium, manned check-in desks to drop their baggage. The Security hall is designed to accommodate 23 large security checkpoints, with tables for repacking and organising liquids.

When exiting customs, you will arrive into a vast arrivals area, opening up into the ground floor hall, where you can grab a quick bite, buy some groceries at a full-scale As-To-Go, connect to trains to Manchester and Metrolink at Alan Turing Airport station, exit to the set-down/pick-up area, or take the escalators underground to short-term and long-term parking.

A widened central departures atrium allows for four new elevator shafts and two escalators taking passengers down to the departures filter on -1, for B and C gates. The contrast wood flooring signifies a point of attention or process.

Upon experimental release of Alpha 35, the new Alan Turing Airport will be available on the Steam Workshop. Hope you like!


Some more screenshots of the ongoing work to Alan Turing Airport.

Assets to be implemented in Alpha 35 have been superimposed, for an artists impression of the completed terminal.

Asphalt has replaced concrete for taxiway sections.

A second look at the airport layout, featuring two satellite buildings, functioning hypothetically as three airports (A, B and C gates), each with their own depots and baggage bays.

Gate seating has multiplied, for far greater passenger comfort. This is an overview of domestic departures (far left), international departures (with duty free shopping mall and food hall), two lounges for players to furnish (one domestic, one international), and front-facing employee offices and staff rooms.

The check-in hall in the headhouse on level 2 features a choice of self-check in and self-bag drop, or premium manned check-in. There are plenty of circular seating areas in the hall, as well as across the airport, for passengers to wait and relax.

The eastern point of B gates, featuring vending machines and a child’s rainbow play zone. Every gate has step-free access to arrivals, with lifts/elevators.

Both B and C gates feature a second floor, with 10 lounge spaces, for the player to furnish for their airlines. Four of which feature wraparound balconies, offering panoramic views of the apron.

A clear view of the departures filter, with one-way walkalators/travelators, directing passengers to B and C gates. Baggage bays are situated in close proximity to the stands they serve, for efficient turn-around.

896 below-ground parking spaces offer short or long term parking. Pictured is long-term parking, on level -2.

A closeup of the escalators and lifts/elevators up to B gates from the departures filter on level -1.

The central departures atrium features large washrooms, information point, and escalator and lift/elevator access to the departures filter for access to B and C gates.

Gates C34 and C40 are designed for A380 use, with 5 boarding desks (biometric boarding gates are planned for implementation, in addition to the existing boarding desks, for greater boarding efficiency), dedicated washrooms and vending machines.

Floorplans are complete, ready for the installation of 20 passport e-gates, and manned immigration desks, which feature a staggered design, to allow for a greater number of desks in a smaller footprint.

The small but perfectly functional baggage scanning room, with all three tiers of security. The rooms location segments domestic and international arrivals.

Alan Turing Airport features a National Rail and Metrolink station within the building, to allow passengers to connect to the city and surrounding areas without stepping outdoors.

Art and decor will be a key feature of the entire airport.

Let me know what you think of the current progress, and whether you have any suggestions for the design! I plan on uploading this to the Steam Workshop as soon as Alpha 35 is released on the experimental branch, after passenger flow and employee task testing.

  • 40 stands (22 medium, 18 large)
  • 896 parking spaces
  • 69 elevator shafts
  • 12 lounges (11 international, 1 domestic)
  • Approx. 182 flights per day across two large runways with 24 hour operation (approx. 122 flights per day with nighttime restrictions)
  • 5 floors
  • Parking for 350+ service vehicles
  • 3 catering depots, 3 waste depots, 8 fuel depots, 18 vehicle depots, 11 service vehicle parking lots, 5 service vehicle checkpoints
  • Capacity for every restaurant and shop (with space for new restaurants for Alpha 35)
  • Over 560+ toilets
  • Thorough and secure departures/arrivals segregation throughout
  • Complete step-free access for passengers
  • £35,000,000+ airport worth
  • £88,000+ hourly operation cost (approx.)

Alpha 35 was just released?!

@Blackout False alarm!

I’ve superimposed assets from devblogs 145-148 to give myself and the forum an impression of how the terminal will look when complete.

Okay, you just got me very, VERY excited. I am listening to sad music right now…


Quick question: Will you be using large security stations or just medium still? BTW the airport looks amazing!

WOW, Thats is a very well done airport. The big thing I’m concerned with is only 2 de-icing pads? That might be able to handle about maybe 15-20 stands scheduled at about 4 per day maybe? What is your plan for scheduling with only 2 de-icing pads

btw I have found about 3 deicing stands per departure runway will keep the departures constantly ready for take off. Also I have found that about 2 runways can handle about 20+ stands/100+ flights per day. and 4 runways about 40+ stands/200+ flights per day. rough estimates of course.

I made the same mistake @VOID