ATC limit (actual) and runway limit (upcoming)

I’m not sure if I’ve missed this information, but I’d like to know why large ATC has a limit and what’s planned about this and about upcoming runways’ limit.

As my actual project already touches actual limit (and it is half opened only!) and my next project definitely will be able to handle more than 200 flights/day properly, I can not understand what’s the use of this limits…

So imho there should be an option to extend these limits, by R&D, by building additional facilities, or anyhow else…

I really dislike games which are setting needless (or at least not understandable) limits to me…

Perhaps community or devs could provide additional information…?

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It might be like this;

  • Small ATC have 20 flights per day limit. When you reach 20, you need new ATC.
  • Each runway have ts own capacity limit. So let’s focus on medium runway. Let’s assume medium runway has 50 flights per day limit, player needs to improve or build a new runway to pass 50 limit.
  • Medium ATC have 70 flights per day limit. When you reach 70, you need new ATC.
  • Let’s assume improved runway or second runway have total of 150 flight limit per day. Player needs to improve or build a new third runway to pass 150 limit.
  • Large ATC have 200 flights per day limit. When you reach 200, you need new ATC.

This is my assumption but I think we will get solid answer when developers develop Alpha 35.

I gave two atc but the limit is still 200

Devs already stated that adding ATCs doesn’t raise limits.
So for now, for me it’s important to know, if that wil stay forever.
As my actual and my planned projects are totally useless, with this limit of 200 flights per day…

For the future it would be interesting, how runway limits are planned, too.

As I’m afraid, @EG0611, your assumptions are correct, this would force me to build even more runways, as actual runway capacity (set by planes behaviour) already is ridiculously low.

Edit: I know, that it’s crazy to push game to it’s limits during Alpha stage, but it’s my risk and I’ve already had to pay for with huge broken airports…
On the other hand, I’m sure that I’m not the only one who loves to build huge airports, so I think these discussions are a reasonable input for devs, for further development.
As the “point of no return” in development will be reached soon, I think, or already has already been crossed, at least regarding to some features…


I gave two atc but the limit is still 200

ATCs don’t sum up their limit. Even though you have 1 small and 1 large ATC, you get the large ATC limitation.

We will probably revisit the 200 limit during beta, but as of now it makes sense to limit you in both map size and number of flights (a little bit at least) until all the features are in.


As you wrote, there are already obvious limitations like map size or planes bahviour regarding to runways. So I still don’t get it, why adding more…
I guess you are aware of performance issues, as you are already testing new features…

Nevertheless, I’m optimistic you finally will find a good solution.
IMHO an option to deactivate all “artificial” limits, like ATC/runway, should be built into final game.
I would expect this as an “advanced option”, for CE-prOs only and on everybodys own risk, of course…


It makes sense to me not to want too big airports in the bug reports at this time… As long as the limit can be raised when the time is right, I’m fine with waiting.

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ACEO-23274 planes stuck on the stands. Bug reported

So complicated

Many many things can cause this issue also this topic is not suitable for bug reports.

Very cool to see SAA there!

Can give me a few reasons why it is not but worthy of a bug report please?

What I mean was this topic ATC limit (actual) and runway limit (upcoming) is not suitable for such a bug report. You can go and open a new topic in #support Although the general answer would be about requesting more details about bug and suggesting you to report it via in game bug report system


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