Another "monster": 69 stands (16L/53M) half opened serving >39k pax

Please let me introduce my actual project, a fantasy version of my hometown’s airport. It is still work in progress…

Vienna International Airport (VIE)

Target was to build a huge functional airport beeing able to handle as many flights/pax as possible. So realism, symmetry and appearence were left behind, if necessary.
I started this airport in A33.5 and originally wanted to ignore A33 features de-icing, catering and cabin cleaning. But when R&D and rating was introduced, I decided to add cleaning and catering, which wasn’t easy, but finally was done properly. As De-Icing needs a lot of space, with that many stands, I decided to skip it.
Additional words about that in my final notes and explanations.

So here some keyfacts and figures:
4 runways: 2 large & 2 medium
16 large commercial stands - 4 gate groups: J/K/M/P (all active)
53 medium commercial stands - 8 gate groups: A-H (only A-D active)
3 small GA stands
2 catering depots
2 waste depots
3 A1-fuel depots
1 Avgas100LL-fuel depot

170 check-in desks
12 baggage bays (using one scanning station)
8 vehicle depots
21 vehicle parking lots (underground)
50 medium security checkpoints (pax only)
10 small security checkpoints (staff only)
21 sets of bathrooms
3 unisex bathrooms (staff only)
1 unisex bathroom (executives only)
1 private CEO-bathroom :wink:
10 shops
5 cafes
33 staffrooms

actual operations report:

flight monitor

To give you an overview, here a total of my 2nd floor:

further info, thoughts & characteristics

As you can see, all overground buildings are connected with skybridges. For arrival/departure seggregation purpose pax have to exit secure area by going up to 2nd floor, afterwards beeing able to go wherever they want. Only few pax use it to go directly to metro, cause escalators down to basement, baggage claim, is located closely:

Furthermore staff is able to find short pathes to other buildings (they use it, sometines without any sense, but sometimes as intended)

But let’s start with airport’s entrance:

Yes, it’s packed. But luckily I’ve found some space for a welcoming hedge… Two entry checkpoints, as vehicle-paths should be shortened, if possible, and splitting up traffic helps against congestions…

Pax-/staff-traffic and food suppliers, please turn right and go underground (food suppliers, please follow signs to catering depots):

My, quite big, underground “city-traffic-hub” on 2nd basement (-2):

further info, thoughts & characteristics

Due to an actual known bug about underground traffic/parking, all bus-/car-/taxi-stops are deactivated, for now. Up to about 180 flights/day metro-only worked very well, but still facing some strange bugs, after a while…

For the same reason these huge pax- and staff-parking areas are practically unused - unfortunately.

Nevertheless, everything here, what’s needed: bathrooms, staffroom, shop and cafe.
Pax can already split up direction, depending which gate they need to go…

Convey belt system could be built more efficiently, because of several changes of my underground structures it looks a little chaotic… but it works perfectly… :wink:

After parking our imagined car, catching a coffee-to-go at the cafe, and using escalators we find ourselves in the huge main hall of this airport:

further info, thoughts & characteristics

quite self-explanatory…
hedges are not only for decorational purpose, but prevent pax walking straight through seating areas in masses and lead them onto some “main corridors”.

For better orientation, here again the overview:

further info, thoughts & characteristics

baggage bays’ locations are a compromise between “saving overground space” and “providing short vehicle paths to connected gates”.
Especially the medium gates in the north, sometimes facing very late baggage deliveries… but rarely leads to delays.
baggage claims are close to gates, lot of vehicle parking lots everywhere, to shorten vehicle pathes, again.

There’s a lot of space left, for automated check-in and baggage dropoff and immigration, so we are ready for A35…

Those nice colored rooms in the middle… As I’m the CEO, I’ll take you into internal area, too, of course:

further info, thoughts & characteristics

green rooms are workplace for my 30 administrators, next to a huge relaxing area…
executives’ offices and conference rooms with blue carpet flooring.
As CEO I have not only my private bathroom, but secretary’s office nearby, too. Unfortunately I can not (yet) hire a secretary… :sweat_smile:
The huge “work only” staffroom is not really used, but I like it and imagine a huge administration office, handling these tons of paperwork…

Let’s continue the tour - oh, look, there probably some big birds arrived, baggage claim is packed with pax:

Come on, we’ll look onto ground floor:

ground floor is practically only used for security checkpoints and floor transitions, inside buildings.

Let’s go into details. Here you can see a lot of things:

further info, thoughts & characteristics

As my security officers tending to walk around anywhere, I’ve installed several staffrooms/-areas around my checkpoints.
20 checkpoints for 16 large stands works fine, surprisingly… :wink:
catering and waste depot are located as central as possible, but traffic is a nightmare, when there are several arrivals at a time, belive me…
tunnel entrencaes leading to several parking lots and baggage bays, short pathes for all turnaround services pay off…

Any questions? No? Ok, we go to gates on first floor!

Only high class seatings, dark green marble floor changed to dark grey marble floor. lots of laptop tables, as pax need electricity, nowadays…

similar design at medium stands:

As there are up to 14 medium stands, using one taxiway, a sophisticated system of one-ways is needed:

We are close to the end of our tour, but here the complete first floor at night:

So that’s it, our tour has finished. Please do not hesitate to ask any further questions!
Oherwise, thanks for your attention and hopefully you enjoyed our airport-tour! Please take this voucher for any of our cafes and enjoy my airport for while :smiley:

Feel free, to read on, if you are interested in more details and figures… :wink:

staff, profitability and final notes:

Break-even is anywhere at around 30k pax - assuming that financial figures in game are correct, I massively doubt these figures.


I’m always striving for double staff count, as needed, to compensate stupid behaviours. At huge airports imho this is necessary.
Furthermore I hoped I could open gates F-H anytimes in the future…

Talking about closed gates: E and F had already been open, for testing purpose, it worked quite well, but unfortunately crazy staff behaviour went to extreme, when opening this as fourth separate gates area…

At the moment I assume I never will be able to open all stands, as I would need 2 additional runways, then, and flight limit per day already is nearly exceeded, with actual open gates…

So it would be obvious to demolish one concourse and instead build de-icing… But according to existing structures and pathes, this would need huge efforts in reconstruction. Assuming that Alpha 35 will bring gamechanging opportunities, it is very likely I will abandon this project and build a new one. let’s see how long devs need to implement Alpha35…

Looking forward to your comments and/or hints for improvement!

PS: Wanna try it yourself? Steam Workshop::(fantasy) Vienna airport - huge airport (with pictures)


Wow, absolutely crazy build! :joy:


Simply, WOW. I am amazed


This will win the Airport of the year award for sure! What an awesome build.

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Holy effing shizzle! Out of curiosity, what’s your Game Settings > PAX To Flight Ratio?

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Thanks for all your nice comments!

@zpcav8r First thing I always do, is setting pax ratio to 100%… :slight_smile:
An A380 with less than 200 pax just feels … wrong to me! :wink:

100% agree A380 with less than 200 pax is wrong unless its an all business flight then maby

Those runways look so small :confused:

Very nice build great job love all the photos was going to load and try and play but possible 1hour load time is keeping me away.

Thanks John

Or Lufthansa staff is on strike. Then big planes sometimes have 30 pax.

lol 30 pax?