Arrival/Departure Passenger Zoning

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Arrival/Departure Passenger Zoning


It should be possible to zone certain areas of the airport as only permitted to be accessed by arriving and/or departing passengers (default is that spaces are accessible to all).

For example, a baggage collection area could be zoned as only for arriving passengers, while the check-in area before security would be zoned for only departing passengers. This could also be used to direct passengers to follow certain pathways around inside the airport

I am aware of the International zone, however, I feel like it should be possible to segregate arriving and departing passengers for domestic type flights as well.

The effect should be such that when a passenger select an object for interaction, only those which are either unrestricted or match their arrival/departure category should be considered (in the same way and in union with how secure/non-secure or staff zoning already works).

Once an object has been selected as eligible then when a path is found it must not pass through any incompatible zones (same as secure/non-secure and staff zoning works). A pathfinding alert could be raised if a passenger managed to select an object but then can’t get to it, or if it’s a non-critical object (e.g. seating) then just abort the attempt to use it and apply penalty to airport experience.

Why it should be implemented:

This would make it a lot easier to control the flow of passengers in many cases; for example to avoid arriving passengers walking out through a boarding desk space, or just to keep certain spaces for different purposes.

For example in the screenshot below, I have a check-in space and baggage claim area in moderate proximity. In the current setup with the baggage claim inside the secure zone, I often find the seating is packed with departing passengers who, for reasons unknown, refuse to sit closer to their gate (there’s plenty of seats). If I move the secure zone exit, I then get passengers waiting for bags sitting in the check-in area, or passengers waiting to check in sitting in the baggage claim.

This would make it easier to see that there is insufficient seating in a given area as passengers would be found standing in that area, rather than having spilled over into a nearby area where they should not be.

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This was discussed in many times. Due to game engine and pathfinding capabilities there won’t be passenger separation options. However you can separate arrival and departure passengers via jetway entrances and different options on apron bus stops.

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A topic has already been created

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one way doors I believe are on their way in the near future! (Can anyone confirm?) Fingers crossed

Sadly, the devs struggle a bit with one-way pathing because of the reasons mentioned by @EG0611 above.

Ah my mistake, i wasn’t sure how it was going in terms of controlling door direction, thanks for update though

The automatic boarding gates are one-way. Using these only at gates, you can set it up so all arriving pax are channeled down an arriving corridor. This won’t work if you use staffed boarding gates. Kinda hoping staff boarding gates are updated to work the same way as the automatic boarding gates. Security screening is one way, security exit is one way, and passport control is one way (and you can use that for going into international or out of international. using these elements, you can build a pretty decent one way system to separate arriving and departing pax. One thing to keep in mind - always make a way for departing pax to leave the airport if they miss their flight - they need a secure exit and can’t get to the one on the other side of automatic boarding desks. And always allow a way for staff to get into the arriving only section of the airport.

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I tend to make sure my security search area has a secure exit. It will get used a lot by staff. I also place at my entrance into the departures international zone, a automated gate in reverse which serves as an exit. Combined, those two methods ensure a route for passengers missing flights :slight_smile:


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