Departure and Arrival Zones

Feature request title:

Arrival and Departure Zones


A zone that is specified to arriving passengers only or departing passengers only. All passengers departing can only go in the departure zone and the arrival and departure zone (security zone only) and arriving passengers can only go in the arrival zone and the arrival and departure zone (security zone only).

Why it should be implemented:

It can help out with passenger flow within the airport and can help sort out passengers behaviours.

Definitely in all British airports I have visited​ arriving and departing passengers have been segregated (they are kept separate). I noticed both in SimAirport and Airport CEO that arriving passengers are allowed to wander about in the departure area and are not forced streight into baggage reclaim or customs.

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It’s different for a lot of airports, in Copenhagen you are allowed to wander about the departure area as an arriving passenger. It’s more fun, I think, and easier from a coding perspective, to keep it like it is now. We might in the future add aspects of legislation which forces you to construct the airport in a certain way but for now this is how we’ll keep it! :slight_smile:


Here in the states a plane comes in and once it’s unloaded it becomes a departure no separation and they just go through the side of security and go down to baggage claim with actually one that down there loads pets or packages to a airport

I think that it’s maybe more about the size of the Airport. In my hometown, Gothenburg in Sweden, our Airport allows arrivals to walk around in the departures area after passport control. But in a huge Airport like Heathrow having of all those people, both arriving and departing, would not work.

Not sure though, just my theory. Laws might come into play as well…

It’s mostly a regional thing, not so much the size of the airport. Regardless of size, every airport I’ve flown into domestically in India segregate passengers, where domestic flights in the US aren’t even at major airports.

International flights are pretty much segregated everywhere.

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Here in Brazil when almost every airport was owned by the same company (a state company) they had segregation, when some of them were conceded to private companies, these started to remove the separations. And then the state company adopted this policy and now almost every airport here adopted this concept.
So it is just a policy, since it takes too much space, and offer little or no benefit I believe airports avoid them, which means it is not something bad that in ACEO we won’t have this option, is like wanting old technologies (like the split-flap displays) just because they’re cool.

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This seem to vary a lot. Like we said, a lot of the game reference has been taken from Copenhagen airport as that is our nearest international airport. We have decided not to do any segregation at this point due to the complexity and also with regards to future the player base. Most player might not be that airport knowledgeable as you guys on this forum and we want to make sure we can attract all players regardless of airport insight.


Can’t we do it ourselves, simply by placing walls? If you could have embarking and disembarking passengers use a different door, with a gap between them…

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Well you could do that but there is no stopping them from entering the airport as the secure area is not divided by travel direction. So if they need to use bathroom or want to shop they can still go into the departing zone but most would go directly to the exit so I guess you could fake the separation to a certain degree.

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In later updates, “policies” could be added. Much like Citiea: Skyline.
But instead different policies for different arriving flights, like international flight gets specific policies, national flights get different and so on, but I hope you get the point.


At Manchester when you get of the plane via an airbridge you enter the terminal on a floor below departures (departures is on top of arrivals) so until (or if) multiple floors are implemented it probably would be too complicated.

In Trieste, (north east Italy) you do not go to the departure lounge. You go straight to passport control and then to the luggage pick up area. Trieste is a small airport showing that not all small airport allow passengers into departure lounge.

In my country’s big airports, arrival and departures are on deparated floors. In small airports they are on same floor but they are strickly divided from each other. Arrival and Departure passengers cannot mix with each other.

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Id like it to be an option to split up the routes at least, but I think it would be hard to do it in a way that makes sense until overpass/underpass or multi story buildings are implemented. If you can have routes cross each-other and/or have gates where people enter and exit in different places/levels then it should be easy and intuitive.

Not sure I agree that keeping them separate “since people are not knowledgeable” is a correct decision though. I think most people that visited a few international airports know and expect arrivals and departures to be separate, and I also think your main group of customers will be people with above average knowledge of how airports work ( maybe not as extreme as this forum, but quite a bit still ).

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I never said never. :wink: Just that I don’t see this as a big priority at the moment, or even directly after release. It is also not that simple to just add multiple floors, even though we have an idea how to do it, my guess is that it would still be a lot of work. Airport flows are again very complex and hard to simulate, as a matter of fact, we have not seen anything at this detail before in the gaming industry, maybe there is a reason.


But of course, the intrepid developers you are, do not shy away from it :smiley:

It would be nice to have the option! But it has nothing to do with the size of the airport. Schiphol has no separation between arrival and departures. This makes it great for transfer passengers since they don’t have to hurry that much.

But there is some sort of separation, flights coming in from certain countries do need to go through security first. Mainly flights from countries that are known for drug smuggling. So it would be very interesting to see!

Well, reading this topic it does make a lot of sense to segregate international arrivals. (I know we’re not having big planes in the beginning) Imagine early in the morning the peak of international arrivals, several wide body aircrafts, hundreds of passengers who need to go through customs and immigration, you definetly DON’T want them in your terminal departure lounge, it would be chaos.

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well normally in the states there is not segregation as they aren’t going to park somewhere at arrival and just get a tow to tow the aircraft to a different gate for departure