Any multiplayer on the later stage of the game?

Is ther gona be multiplayer on the game later on,like passenger mode or a map which your friend/random player is building a airport at map that you are building and there would gona be big chalenges

It would depend on how well this game sells (which I think it will), the devs would have to have servers for us to play on and it would be a lot more coding time. I don’t think that it is very important to this type of game

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I agree with you its not needed,if you will gona have 1000 of people(passengers)on your airport you dont need others,you cant feel lonely!!:stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha, but it’s not really needed for this type of game. PA doesn’t have it

An earlier thread about multiplayer:

Yup, and @Fredrik’s response still stands…

Thanks for the suggestions. Hate to break the mood here but this is not the first time multiplayer has been suggested and discussed. We can definitely see some cool features with a multiplayer version, however, it is not something we will go for. Simply because we feel the complexity and time of building a multiplayer system is not worth the benefits. On the bright side sandbox and career are very much planned. :slight_smile:

Implementing multiplayer would be a completely new development chapter and not something that we currently feel is an investment worth its time. However, leaderboards or receiving flights from a buddy’s airport (not in real time of course) are scenarios that we could at least see feasible at a much later stage.


Not sure if I ever said this but a way for us to visit other’s airports? A way for others to grade our airports in certain categories. Low ratings gets a visit of the town inspector and if he finds things; a fine could be levied. A warning if it’s his/her first visit. If he loves what he sees, the mayor and the council provide you with an award (displayed at our airport which increases the amount of bookings of people and the attention of the BIG airlines.

Would be cool if I can walk into another person’s airport, click a clipboard and start grading their airport :slight_smile: Maybe the person wouldn’t be able to see me but perhaps a sprite that shows “inspector.”

Just a thought.

Now that you mention it…

you guys are magicians though :slight_smile: look at the magic called AirportCEO almost in our hands :slight_smile:

Another idea on the leaderboard topic would be if it was possible to take a snapshot and upload it so others can see and vote on your airport design. Sure, it would require a server to run it but still a pretty neat feature and not super complicated.

Great work guys, I’ve always been interested in a game like this and I’m so glad I only got to learn about this project a month ago so my waiting time for the game has been limited.

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