Leaderboards and Visiting other players

I would like that if at some point in the development process, you would be able to view the top airports on the leaderboard.

Most passengers handled per year: (Using real airport names as example.)

  1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

  2. Beijing Capitol International Airport

3: Dubai International Airport.

There would be the option to visit the airport, and there would also be other leaderboards like most aircraft operations, most land. I would say the top 30 or so airports for each category would be on the board, with the options to visit the airport or view the profile (which could show historical records, current airlines, destinations, etc).

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It’s very unlikely that something like this will be implemented, especially visiting each others airport since multiplayer is something that the devs are not going for… ([Duplicated] Multiplayer in Airport CEO - #12 by Fredrik)

I do not want multiplayer servers; I know thats not happening. :grin: Just a ranking board with the ability to view/visit the top airports. :slight_smile:

For that to happen you would need a server, as you’d need to take data from people’s airports and share them with others

Steam workshop integration could work for this purpose, would take a bit of work but it can be done.

It’s kind of an interesting feature, leaderboards and then directly you have the ability to “pop into” that leaderboard airport when you press it to get some tips on how to construct yours more efficiently. However, the infrastructure part of that is difficult… be we could indeed consult the Steam SDK and what we might be able to do with that.


Please just release first, then look into adding stuff. I beg you to take my money. I can’t even play your competitor’s game anymore, it doesnt hack it.


Yes, just get the release out, then do a big first update with lots of new stuff. :slight_smile:


That would be awesome if the map was dynamic and you could set up remotely and have little competition but potentially lower demand, or set up near other players and need to compete for passangers. Could add a layer of difficulty. Perhaps there could also be an offline mode too.

The devs have already said that they are not implementing multiplayer in the game @Thorozar

Yeah, no multiplayer, but this would be on a different layer, kind of like how No Man’s Sky defined multiplayer. If you’d put time into developing this kind of infrastructure you could have it so that you could “see” other’s airports, or at least their locations, and then based on user data emulate the ariports performance in your single player game. Sort of like how Sim City did it I guess now when I’m thinking about it…

Of course, this would require some back-end magic and we have currently no time to invest in this. Future dreams I would say, still a pretty cool idea though.


That was the lines I was thinking. Nothing i even want right now, get the game out, then flesh out multiple floors, 2nd terminals, remote stands, subway stops, other stuff like that, then maybe explore it

Oh Ok, there demonstrating my lack of knowledge :smiley: sounds like a good idea then, and referring to Sim City, would there be ways to fly to these other user airports? Where all airports made are put onto a database, or would we stick to flying to real airports?

This is where getting steam workshop support would happen, you could “fly” (download, but when we invent teleportation what will the difference be really?!) another persons creation and have a look around, modify it etc. I’m sure if the save file isn’t too complex then people will share save files on the forum before that happens anyway.

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