Ambulance Station / Rescue Helicopter

I had the idea (as i working in the Ambulance) to integrate an Ambulance Helicopter Station, this must be “researched” through 1 of the CFO, CIO, COO and so on peoples.
Before you can “Hire” a Crew or make a Contract with an Emergency Company, you have to build a Station that fits some Requirements.


One could use the Royal Flying Doctors of Australia as an example.

A working station would need:

  • communication station (landline / hf radio / internet/ video calls)
  • crew room (lots of waiting)
  • hangar (stand, depending on the size different planes)
  • lots of maintenance
  • an ambulance to ferry the patient to the offmap hospital (more roadtraffic on the tarmac)
  • poison cabinet

A small tech-tree for the medevac stuff (well… its not medicine ceo…)
Better commmunications - > more flights
better emergency equipment (medical equipment I, Ii, III) for more serious cases → more missions
Bigger planes → more patients

Gameplay impact:
A medevac flight can interfere with the times of the scheduled flights causing delays. The medevac has too land asap, creating a 30 minutes delay ot the other traffic.
Flights at night outside the legal limits
The costs of the medevac service can be quite high. but the gain would be a better reputation (the higher investment in equipment the higher the sucess rate and better the reputation).
decisions making for the player wether to take the “mission” depending on weather.
Emails about the sucess of some missions (saved the baby, failure, press coverage for maiden flight)

I can only recommend the book “the leading edge” by dr. langford about the royal flying doctors.


Good suggestion. additional services like this, military, etc would be cool to have

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In the states, we tend to use helicopter (Life Flights) more often. I’m sure due to the distance the RFD would need to fly in Australia.

I was a medic and flew out of an airport with pretty much everything you mentioned in your post. However, due to flying in a helicopter, our egress was treated as any other aircraft for non-emergency flights. We would go by “Helicopter” and then our tail number.

When we had a call and came up on the radio as Medevac One, we were pretty much given anything that we asked for and usually lifted off right from our pad and egress was in the direction of our destination if there was no traffic to avoid.

This also worked in reverse and on our ingress to the airport, if we used “Helicopter” and our tail number, we would be treated as any other general aviation aircraft. On occasion, we landed at the airport to meet a fixed wing ambulance. In this case, our ingress was as Medevac One and we were normally cleared directly to a pad nearest the fixed wing ambulance that was waiting.

I know at times we created headaches for our controllers as we lifted off as Medevac One. But those men and women were the first step in getting us up and out to our emergency LZ and were always professional.

I would like to see something like this if Life Flights and fixed wing ambulances become a feature. If the medical helicopter came up as Medevac One, Life Flight One, AirMed One, Savior One, etc, they would be given expedited handling. Come to think of it, fixed wing now use Medevac and their ID when needing expedited handling also.

I think this would add some interesting delays and/or create some random disturbances.

Would it always have to be medical or military? Just adding helipads at all might be a good idea.

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Completely agree. I think we need to see helipads for other types of flights also. Coast Guard, news outlets, VIP movement, oil platforms, tours, and maybe even flight schools.

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