[Already Implemented] One way roads and different apron bus stops for arrival and departure

There schould be one way roads for more komplex roadsystems.

Also i would like to make different bus stops for arrival and departure. so that in one area of the terminal passangers are being unload while in a different area there is only a pick up. maybe not made as different bus stops but as a al little checkbox like with the stands (GA and commercal)


Still, this would be so helpful :slight_smile:

Definitely, especially with car parks being implemented in the future… :slight_smile:

Hahaha. I’ll have to demolish terminals to fit a car park in. Hopefully pathfinding, optimisation, and land expansion are looked at soon :joy:


One way roads/terminal/airways can be done just like the conveyor system. It’s already coded in the game, a change of tile sets and rules for traffic as apposed to bags. Pretty much any area needing 1 way management could use the system. No need to code something new, just modify existing for new situations.


Hey, time to dig this out.

Since we have now remote stands and airside shuttle busses, let me tell you that it is annoying that arrival busses wait for departure busses to finish the boarding and that arrival passenger enter terminal through random gate door.

My suggestion would be to add a switch for the stops Arrival/Departure, so we can design an extra bus stop in more “arrival” part of the terminal, close to baggage claim etc.



It will be great. Especial, in case of multi-floor terminals.

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+1 This would be so much better I can’t think of an airport where I have entered from a flight at a boarding gate.

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Reviving this with regards to bus stops. Anyone who knows if it’s a planed feature?

If you mean bus stops for remote stands, this is already possible - there’s an option to set an arrival bus stop in the stand menu once it’s been set-up as a remote stand

Correct, that feature has been implemented in Alpha 35. The button to set an arrival bus stop appears on remote stands as soon as there is a departure bus stop connected. This feature is optional.

@EG0611 can you mark this topic as implemented? I know you love to do that.

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Nope i don’t mean for remote stands. I mean for transit buses to and from the airport.

You can use this topic to continue the discussions about elevated drop off points.

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