[Already Implemented] Airline meals, janitors, garbage disposal

Any plans about airline meals facilities?

One time I see a documentary that each airline have contracts for refurnish airplanes with meals of different qualities.

Also there are contracts for janitorial services, supplies (magazines, … ) and garbage disposal.

Garbage from international flights is daily incinerated at the airport incinerator facility.

In the game, when an airline company ask for slots, contract may require also meals service and janitorial service of 2-3 types of quantity.

Managing a meals production facility may be an interesting idea: supplies, kitchen personal, delivering to airplanes in time…


I like the idea but you wouldn’t really control the actual menu, the airline does that.

But you could build a huge kitchen, and I think they have already thought of that.

Trucks to carry the food would also be a good idea…


I like the idea of garbage disposals but you wouldn’t really control.
Grease and Fats may liquefy and then solidify further down the water pipe which usually could clog up the drain.

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It seems to me a great idea, on the one hand food trucks (restorers + passenger airplanes) could come from the other supply trucks (shops), from the other construction materials (constructions + object repairs). And trucks, however, apart. And cooking the food you get will be great.
It is a great idea and could be implemented with the catering service.


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