Airport with 22 medium stands

Hello everybody.
I’d like to share some pictures of my recently build airport with 22 medium stands.
It is fully funtioning without traffic issues or delays. It handles 4000+ at a time.

I’m looking forward to your comment :slight_smile:


WOW. So cool! :wink:


nice its very cool

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Here it comes: Noice!! :sunglasses:

P.S.: The red & blue aircraft in the fourth picture looks as if someone pulled a giant sock over it to keep it warm… :crazy_face:


Amazing, I like the security setup. (what happenes when PAX switch queue though).

And the baggage placement.

Oh, and the in/out seperation you created is nice too.

Haha, 4k people needs lots of cassiers it seems, in both entree shops.

The entree points of each pier, with your benche placement, including colors give a nice touch.

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Very nice !! great desing and very nice coloring, too!

How is it working, on heavy load? Could you provide flight planner screen and or operating screen under heavy load… ? :slight_smile:

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It works pretty well because I created the flight manually to avoid too many planes being handled at the same time.


The Pax are pretty well distributed among the available security checkpoints.

Very nice!
My flight planner is looking nearly similar, for load balance of staff work.

But I think it’s a fully separated 2-terminal (2-security-zones) solution, isn’t it?
If so, I would really like to see, how zoning at the two centered baggage-areas was solved… :slight_smile:

Yes, 2 security zones.
For the baggage areas this is quite easy to solve as the ramp agents only need to be assigned to one of the security zones. What I don’t like so much is that they have to walk across the apron to get there. :wink:


Awesome! A really cool build, is it uploaded on Steam workshop?

I cannot upload it. When I click the Steam button it shows Uploading… but nothing else happens.
I tried to find a topic in the Forum where that problem has been discussed, without success. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

It usually takes ages, as my save(20MB) took around 15 minutes to finally appear.

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Awesome build. I am so excited to see what the community will build once the multi floor update goes live. Exciting times!

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I tried it for more the one hour with no success. :frowning_face:

What platform are you running?

Hmm…when uploading MMA to Workshop, i also waited for so long, to no avail. Desperately, i spammed the upload so many times, and went to sleep.

Some hours later, 6 files were uploaded…

Windows 10

16 Security Gates? Wow. I mention that, because I’ve got 40 Stands and four Security Gates.

you talking about pax security checkpoints?
how do you do that?
I usually need at least one per stand, if flight schedule is more or less tight…

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