Airport Rivalry & Competition

So far I haven’t found anything regarding this topic about airport rivalry (might have missed it) but the previous Multiplayer topic gave a thought. But note that this isn’t multiplayer, more of AI stuff.

What if we have competitions with other AI airports around the world using rankings in terms of ratings to profits, research level, to number of passengers and cargo each year. We can constantly check on how our rivals are doing so we can keep up with the aviation game to stay on top. Maybe each year we get the Ranking email by some “Aviation Association” like “Congratulations For Moving to a higher rank! You are now Airport Rank #7 in the world!” and telling you who are you closest rivals within your rankings.

As an extra suggestion but this one is too far and too complicated. I followed this concept from online phone app games, where we can leave our airport to go to our AI rival’s airport to see how have their progressed. I also thought at that way we can learn from our higher rank rivals on how they design their airport from layout to efficiency thus we can minimize the need for tutorials and give more like tips for the CEO to build his/her own airport.

Anyways happy to see the latest DevLog :wink:


I’d say your last suggestion is indeed too far fetched for this game.

Your first suggestion however does sound good. It gives players something to strive for.

Yeap. Too complicated and even if they managed too much time. At one point not practical. But could be something to take note of and might get some where. :slight_smile: I took this too from Airline Project game which is basically spreadsheets. I think this one has room for better and I think this will be a nice feature.

Maybe not AI airports, but playing online and seeing other players’ airports?

Does this help at all?

Playing online is no, not worth the effort at all. Workshop integration would be interesting to allow you to see other peoples airports.

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I like this idea. At least to make it more of a challenge. For instance this airline is looking for a hub in lets say north america and your air port is competing to against other airports to get those flights. Based on price services customer satisfaction ect.

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I liked the first part of the idea…competition among all major international airports and local airports. The major airports should grow at a constant level based on randomly generated passenger movements and natural disasters (example-Dubai(dxb) moves 100 million passengers this year and grows 10% but then drops 60% due to earthquake. It would then move up in the rankings accordingly).

Also, as your airport grows, it takes market away from local airports.

My personal feeling is that I wouldn’t want this unless it is done in a way that allows you the choice. I enjoy the process of building and seeing it have an affect. Then looking at what I can improve, redesign, build differently from the beginning. As more things become available the design will change to allow for them. Once the whole area becomes available it will likely need a total redesign and that for me is the challenge I enjoy. I am not knocking others for wanting the competition, just saying it shouldn’t be forced on us but it should be optional if done.

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