Airport Related Videos

Since the Devs have announced the upcoming of videos and most of us are hyped for that, the recent gifs and the early release I thought of why not have a thread for videos you might find interesting related to airports from its history, future design, infrastructures, upcoming airport terminals and etc in this topic to give us inspiration and excitement while the Devs are busy making the game into reality which they have been doing wonderfully. I think it would be nice to get ideas on how each of us would like to design our airport and maybe stuff we have not thought of yet which we can share and try to see it is feasible to implement. Feel free to share here!

Here is one I thought is pretty interesting.

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Probably of interest to some people like myself

This is a pretty good series: - YouTube [This is Season 1 Episode 1]
Keep flying! :flight_departure:

This is from the Big Bigger Biggest which shows the evolution over time of structures as innovations happen. In this case its the one regarding airports.

This might not be completely on topic but just had to tip you guys off about this YouTube account, he uploads a lot of interesting in depth aviation (and other transport) stuff:

Like this one on flight planning: How Airlines Schedule Flights - YouTube

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Aw, you beat me to it! Wendover Productions is so good! I love his aviation videos!