Airport Hangers

For the future I am sure hangers will be included for planes for ACEO. I am hoping we get to see details of the aircraft in them getting repaired by the engineers from changing engine, added decals, to even up to stuff like 3C checks, don’t need to get very far with it but just showing that people are working on the planes to get them fixed. Just a thought :slight_smile:


That would be cool, to see the inside of the hangars, and seeing repairs taking place.

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Would very much like to see hangars. They would perhaps be essential for larger aircraft bases, which your airport may well aspire to become.

I’d expect that the airport would rent the land out to the airline/company using the hangar which would be a good source of revenue.

Seeing inside would be the icing on the cake!

Sounds very cool to be able to open up not only hangars, but every building and see people / freight / aircraft handling.
But i do hope that is done at a later stage when the important mechanics are fleshed out :slight_smile: It does add to the game, but it is definetely not the most important thing on their list :slight_smile:

Great Idea! You could be able to upgrade the hangar to provide different services to aircraft and you can lease or let airlines buy it for a cost.

Then it would be cool if we can rent out Hangars,so there is one Airline with a hangar here and they can park their planes in it

This would be great for people to store their GA Aircraft.

Posted this idea a few days ago: GA, stationing overhaul and Hangars

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