GA, stationing overhaul and Hangars

Hi there, I’'ve always been a management player, and as so i can’t wait for further balance and management changes, but in the meantime I came up with an idea to add more depth to economy and realism to game.

If you’re a bit informed about the aviation world you’ll know that GA is mostly composed by recreational flights, pilots schools, etc, flying very small aircrafts like Cessnas, those flights usually take off and land from the same airport, where the aircraft is stationed. If you’ve seen any GA airport on google maps, you’ll have noticed that there’re are hundreds of planes stationed at the airport, waiting for their owner to come and flight them, taking a lot of the space on the tarmac:

My suggestion is to add aircraft parking areas for smaller aircrafts, and modify GA behaviour so that when a small GA plane lands goes to a parking loot where it’ll stay a random time (from hours to days) before taking off again. That way you’d have a new reliable but not very profitable source of income.
Medium sized planes like private jets and airliners small planes would keep their current behaviour and stay overnight on medium stands just like big aircrafts are doing now.

Another idea would be to add hangars:
Hangars could be classified by size, for example a small hangar would have space for 2 small planes or 1 medium, a big hangar would have space for 1 Big aircraft 2 mediums or 4 small.
And they could also be classified by type, so that you could have “Parking”, “Maintenance” and “Airliners” Hangars.
Parking hangars would work just as “premium” parking spaces, with possible additional game implications, depending of the direction the game takes, maybe having hangars would promote for more medium sized planes and private jets paying higher taxes?
Maintenance hangars would add a new service you can provide to aircrafts, with a maintenance hangar you can hire mechanics to fix small problems on-site, or move the aircrafts to the maintenance hangar for deeper problems and C and D maintenance checks wiki which would be very profitable.
Airliners hangars, would act as both of the previous types, but can only be used by the planes of the airline, having an Airliner Hangar could be a requirement for an airliner to stablish their base at your airport (with associated benefits).


I like this idea very much, I confess I was wrong at first by wanting to put vehicle deposits thinking that they would serve to store planes that do not fly, rather than leave them parked on the stand :blush:

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I would love this. You can get random requests for parking space in exchange for monthly revenue. It also adds some difficulty to planning flights, as these aircraft have no schedule and can come and go whenever they want, causing more traffic on runways.


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