Airport CEO or Parking Lot CEO?

I’d like to call this game Parking Lot CEO.
Is this amount of parking lots correct for an airport this size (6 small gates)?

Also, I make almost as much money from parking as from planes.


Nah, Hotel CEO is better:


That’s an interesting bed design! :thinking:


Is this meant to make me ask for placeable real beds? :rofl: I could probably do better though…

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wow, 4 pies in each room? no shower :thinking: :rofl:

I got to get creative with what I have… I have to zone 3 rooms, and then unzone them :rofl:

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haha. hey I’m all for it! :slight_smile:


A hotel rooms dlc would actually be very nice!
Where can I pay?

I can’t see any subway entrances - add one or two and you can severely reduce the other transit provision.

A terminal with 7 small stands - needs only one subway entrance, two bus stops, four taxi stands, 4 car drops and two car parks (one short term, one long-term).

You make money off of parking lots though. So it is profitable unlike other transit options, which aren’t

I found it a bit unrealistic for my small airport to have a subway stand. After I added more bus stops and taxi stops the parking lot usage got down.

In reality parking fee is largest source of income in regional airport in USA

Cars fill up my car parks before there is even a single commercial flight scheduled… That can’t be just a problem of having subway entrances or not, something is wrong with the logic behind it.

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Please bug report that save in which that happens and I’ll have a look at it! :slight_smile:

Hi @Olof. If you are referring to my comment, I already reported that a few days ago. Do you have that or do you want me to report it again?

I think, I had the nearly same issue before I got my first flight on my new airport. I wrote a bug report, the number is ACEO-43563 (from last saturday, I believe)

Parking CEO is awesome.


Parking does seem to be a bit out of control. In my current career save, I have 16 small GA stands, and Terminal 1 has 8 small commercial stands. For the terminal with 8 small stands, I have built 12 short-term parking lots, and 4 long-term parking lots. All the lots are filled.

I began building out Terminal 2, which has 8 medium commercial stands, but there are no commercial flights using this terminal. There’s no passengers yet in this terminal, either. I built another 12 short term lots, and another 4 long-term lots. They have all filled up simply from the passenger traffic of Terminal 1…8 small stands. Terminal 1 cannot get a 200 plus sale store/food location to hit sales goals, but needs parking equivalent of that needed for an 80,000 seat stadium? Seems a bit much. I do have at least 1 subway entrance in this save.

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Your screenshot is very small.

I can’t see exactly how much bus-, taxi- and carstops you have. Better said: I don’t recognize any :wink:
At first I had the problem too (see my post above), but now it’s going fine. I have builded more public stops and now the utilization of my parking spaces is realistic.

What you see is the landside area of an airport with 12 small commercial stands: 4 short term parking areas and a lot of bus-, taxi- and carstops near to the terminal doors. Like you see, I don’t need more parking lots:

Are the shops in the security area?
And: the longer the PAX have to walk from their parking lot to boarding, the less time they have for consumption
In my terminal are 3 cafés and 3 shops from 1 to 3 stars and the goal was hitted every day für every café/shop. The first one already at ~7:00. And I’m not an expert, my terminal is my first try, it isn’t all, but not well designed :smiley:

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Screenshot is small because it is 2 full map lots, and the only way I could get in the entire parking areas in a screenshot. For my Terminal 1 with only 8 small stands, I currently have 4 bus stops, 5 car stops, 1 taxi stop, and a subway station. Going to try removing 2 of the parking lots to add more bus stops and another subway station, but, the parking still seems excessive.

I am beginning to wonder if the passenger % slider in settings is over-adjusting parking. I have my pax % set to 90% right now.