Airport CEO Beta 3 released

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Good evening, airport CEO!

After a few long weeks consisting of unexpected hard work, we’re finally ready to deploy the third beta version of Airport CEO to the default branch! It’s taken some time longer than expected but for good reason as we with beta 3 are not only releasing numerous improvements but also several new features. The release is in fact, in terms of size and fundamental change, more like one of the good ole alpha releases but with a much quicker development pace. Beta 3 thus consist of a large amount of bug fixes, balancing and other minor improvements as well as some highly requested and long awaited features.

These changes are indeed fundamental and may, if you load an existing save from beta 2, invoke some strange one-time behavior and therefor it’s very important that you read through the update notes below.

But first, let’s go through the patch notes for beta 3…

Release notes - Beta 3.3-2

New feature

  • [ACEO-32235] - Player buildable world traffic entrance tunnels
  • [ACEO-32246] - Construction planning mode
  • [ACEO-32257] - Larger map
  • [ACEO-33358] - New aircraft: McDonnell Douglas MD80 (Atom Air, Stripe Air & Nordic)
  • [ACEO-34897] - Added multiple new data sources for weather system generation
  • [ACEO-34899] - Added new ground textures and animal spawning rules to better reflect chosen airport climate
  • [ACEO-34901] - Tree and windsock sway now represented by actual wind speed
  • [ACEO-35740] - Contractors can now build multiple tiled objects such as sidewalk, walls and fence with one construction material box
  • [ACEO-36110] - Rocks (buildable)
  • [ACEO-36130] - Climate override system implemented to more accurately set ground layer graphics based on airport coordinates
  • [ACEO-36385] - World entrance tunnels can now be set to entry or exit only
  • [ACEO-37096] - Load and start new game as paused setting implemented
  • [ACEO-37337] - Automatic reordering of fuel can now be disabled via fuel depot panel (right button stack)
  • [ACEO-37391] - Added quick accept and reject buttons to contract containers


  • [ACEO-32243] - Time observer system improved with more performant solution
  • [ACEO-32678] - Consolidate separate object connection check coroutines into single interface solution
  • [ACEO-33340] - Windsock now emits soothing sound effect
  • [ACEO-33355] - Aircraft wheel landing sound now more relevant to the aircraft size and runway foundation
  • [ACEO-34898] - Local average climate data now exposed in CEO panel
  • [ACEO-35417] - Removed game object instantiation need from tileable build objects (such as sidewalk, terimnal, floor, wall and fence) to lower load times and save file size
  • [ACEO-35418] - Adapted construction system to new tile build system
  • [ACEO-35625] - Fuel depot flip orientation incorrectly reversed compared to other vehicle accessible buildings
  • [ACEO-35626] - Adapted vehicle traffic system to new buildable world entrance tunnel system
  • [ACEO-36367] - Removed show hide planned object toggle to avoid player confusion
  • [ACEO-36592] - Overall loading time slightly improved
  • [ACEO-36621] - Enable disable all security checkpoints slider removed since it has no apparent use to players
  • [ACEO-36885] - Implemented better tooltip and visual representation of boarding gate door entrance and exit
  • [ACEO-36993] - Better tooltip to inform new users that holding CTRL is required to demolish zone, taxiway and similar
  • [ACEO-37131] - Improved roof tile renderer system

Due to character limitations on this message post, the full change log containing bug fix notes can be found here.

Update notes

Large maps

Finally, Airport CEO now supports larger maps! When creating a new airport from the main menu, you can now select the option “large map” which will enable building your airport on a map that has two extra world tiles to the top and bottom left.

Please note: There is no way to reliably convert existing small airports to large airports, we therefore recommend that you test out the large map feature by creating a new airport.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: When you load your existing save with the beta 3 version for the first time you might be presented with a dialog panel that says “you have not unlocked this area yet” and some world tiles may be blacked out and needed to be purchased again. This is a harmless one-time bug that will only happen this one time (unless you don’t save the game) and therefore something we will not implement a fix for -and also something you don’t need to report!

A new tiling system

In order to allow the Airport CEO game engine to better cope with the bigger airports on the larger map designs we’ve overhauled all aspects of tileable building (walls, terminal, floors, fences and more) which should allow for a significant performance boost when it comes to tile construction, loading large saves with a lot of tiles and a significant file size reduction, compared to beta 2.

This is where most of the hours taken to develop beta 3 went and while it doesn’t look like much, overhauling a very fundamental system in this stage of the development is not an easy, but definitely necessary, task.

New climate textures

Extending on the new weather system as of beta 2, Airport CEO now simulates four different types of climates depending on where you place your airport. Polar, temperate, tropical or desert climates are now part of any airport you build and along with the climate comes typical weather and typical graphical asset representation.

Please note: We’ve included another 15 weather stations to the base supply which should increase weather accuracy, however please note that there will most likely be multiple areas in the world where the climate does not necessarily exactly match reality. We will continue to balance these values and climate settings to get at close to reality as reasonably possible.

Buildable world tunnel entrances

Is your airport entrance road always congested? Well, now you can build more! Gone are the days of a single static tunnel entrance on the bottom of the map and now are the days where you can build up to 10 different world entrance tunnels on any position of the map’s border as you so please.

The directions of the entrance tunnels can also be changed, allowing for better control of vehicle flow.

Planning mode

A long awaited feature as part of the feature voting request category, planning mode is here! Any object can now be planned, and of course later on built, using the planning tool found in the lower build menu.

Improved rendering and serialization performance

The changes in beta 3 also enable a significantly better performing game, especially when it comes to loading. The new tiling system, together with general performance improvements across the board, should allow for airports to load much faster.

Loads of bug fixes

And of course, loads of bug fixes and balancing as can be seen in this forum post.

This release has been thoroughly tested on both the internal and experimental branch by our hero CEOs but as with any large release containing fundamental changes, additional updates are to be expected as per usual throughout the week.

We’ve immediately started work on beta 4 and the remaining work that is to be done on Airport CEO, as we continue to progress throughout this beta period.

Join us in enjoying this continued beta period! :flight_departure:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Beta 3.3-2


  • [ACEO-32331] - Incorrect deserialization order can cause job tasks to duplicate for active objects on load
  • [ACEO-32873] - Airport status update method handling tutorial related verifications can cause performance spike degradation on very large airports
  • [ACEO-33881] - Incorrect value rounding for room secure zone calculation can cause employees to get stuck in a secure zone re-entry loop
  • [ACEO-34016] - Employee panel text can clip out of view for some languages
  • [ACEO-34017] - Wrong hover text on close security button in operations panel
  • [ACEO-34903] - Airports can be built on water (per selecting position on map)
  • [ACEO-35178] - Missing parking state check can cause transportation vehicles to deadlock at parking structure
  • [ACEO-35240] - World notification container for aircraft not de-iced not removed
  • [ACEO-35289] - Un-built jetway blocks terminal construction on upper floors
  • [ACEO-35318] - Terminal assignment panel now highlights if it has no job task agents of certain type assigned to it
  • [ACEO-35366] - Fees panel sliders use non-rounded values when they set economy data
  • [ACEO-35385] - Color on service vehicles in panel not working
  • [ACEO-35394] - Remote turnarounds can in very rare instances deadlock if departing airside shuttle bus do not board all passengers
  • [ACEO-35467] - Catering and cleaning turnaround services use the same door on Fokker aircraft
  • [ACEO-35645] - Systems accessing weather data before airport is completely loaded can in rare instances break deserialization process
  • [ACEO-35652] - Wrong color on arrival or departure-only taxiway node
  • [ACEO-35658] - Quitting before all main menu elements have animated breaks the quitting procedure
  • [ACEO-35707] - Catering depots yield for infinite seconds before producing any meals
  • [ACEO-35914] - Trailer trucks can in rare instances loose their trailers after a save reload
  • [ACEO-35925] - Incorrect parking lot need calculation can cause excessive person car spawning immediately turning home
  • [ACEO-36009] - Agents spawned using prefabs get assigned default values causing strange behavior on load
  • [ACEO-36022] - Shop product sprites missing on floors above ground
  • [ACEO-36046] - Three-way vehicle intersection soft-lock can in rare instances not allow road node occupation override and cause vehicles to completely deadlock
  • [ACEO-36070] - Fence not recognized by tutorial
  • [ACEO-36074] - Pressing 'no' button while buying new land unlocks the area
  • [ACEO-36083] - Tutorial headers missing from tutorial
  • [ACEO-36085] - Missing validation check for remote stands can cause remote deboarding and boarding to prematurely end and deadlock the flight
  • [ACEO-36086] - Passenger terminal ambiance audio not audible
  • [ACEO-36089] - Certain aircraft types can fail to spawn on rare occasions
  • [ACEO-36097] - Missing construction order claimant check can cause construction process to stall
  • [ACEO-36101] - Elevator deletes floor if crossing zones at deserialization
  • [ACEO-36106] - Floor textures are not properly set with floor builder
  • [ACEO-36123] - Construction material can in certain instances be randomly dropped in lower bottom corner
  • [ACEO-36124] - Incorrect return for construction overlay tile pool system can cause construction overlays to not render correctly
  • [ACEO-36125] - Template tool doesn't copy walls
  • [ACEO-36127] - Missing validation check for construction orders claimed by non-existing contractors can stall construction process
  • [ACEO-36136] - All terminal foundations built from a planned state disappear after loading save
  • [ACEO-36139] - Removed stairs or escalator causes hole displaying ground texture instead of terminal floor
  • [ACEO-36140] - Incorrect floor shader on medium hangar
  • [ACEO-36141] - Animals can cross world entrance tunnels
  • [ACEO-36145] - Embraer E195 does not spawn correctly causing flight delays
  • [ACEO-36148] - Building terminals over fences will not remove the fence
  • [ACEO-36149] - Conveyor belt escalator has incorrect placement rules
  • [ACEO-36153] - Self check-in and baggage drop building completion status can cause eachother to softlock and not activate
  • [ACEO-36154] - Terminal foundation does not spawn walls when being planned
  • [ACEO-36155] - Tutorial step does not recognize decorated floor step
  • [ACEO-36219] - Objects can be built on top of world entrance tunnel road
  • [ACEO-36235] - Fire and smoke particles extremely affected by wind
  • [ACEO-36239] - Saving unbuilt terminal on second floor causes the construction overlay to render on first floor as well.
  • [ACEO-36279] - Missing continue statement in parking structure calculation can in very rare instances cause infinite loop crash
  • [ACEO-36317] - Objects cannot be planned if player has insufficient funds
  • [ACEO-36332] - Conveyor belt scanning station incorrectly despawned as regular item causing them not to invoke job task spawning
  • [ACEO-36333] - Stranded passenger teleportation does not consider if secure areas despawned to can be exited via a secure zone exit
  • [ACEO-36336] - Uncaught null reference exception in flight planner can cause UI to stop responding
  • [ACEO-36338] - Elevators can on rare occasions not be extended up or down
  • [ACEO-36343] - Passengers can in very rare instance decide to queue for taxi or bus stops via toilets
  • [ACEO-36347] - APU not audible
  • [ACEO-36356] - Tutorial panel is not updating tutorial states correctly
  • [ACEO-36361] - Hangars do not highlight if covered by a terminal area or not
  • [ACEO-36364] - Air ambulance livery incorrect
  • [ACEO-36377] - Secure zone panel not correctly hidden and thus blocking construction when viewing lower floors without zone area
  • [ACEO-36378] - Relocation state not correctly disabled
  • [ACEO-36379] - Aircraft world notifications can in rare instances lack proper description
  • [ACEO-36380] - Uncaught null reference exception in person queueing system can cause passenger queues to stall
  • [ACEO-36383] - Uncaught null reference exception in turnaround analysis system can cause aircraft to deadlock
  • [ACEO-36400] - Premature close of check-in for certain flights on automated desks can cause some passengers to not pass through security and immediately leave the airport
  • [ACEO-36405] - Planned objects can be built despite player having insufficient funds
  • [ACEO-36408] - Certain structures disregard cost when being built from a planned state
  • [ACEO-36448] - The larger map does not spawn vegetation across the whole map
  • [ACEO-36455] - Tiles does not deduct operational costs
  • [ACEO-36472] - R&D projects research speed takes a lot longer than advertised
  • [ACEO-36473] - Vending machine variation not persistent across saves
  • [ACEO-36477] - Time indicator line in flight planner not consistent with actual time
  • [ACEO-36478] - Tiled objects (walls, fences and so forth) get double charged even if tile already is placed
  • [ACEO-36481] - Vehicles can spawn at planned world entrance tunnels
  • [ACEO-36487] - Uncaught null reference exception in terminal tile on deserialization can cause loading procedure to break
  • [ACEO-36488] - Planned walkable objects converted to built from planned do not update their access for pathfinding
  • [ACEO-36509] - Operation costs for built tiles are counted as construction cost
  • [ACEO-36555] - Incorrect rotation point for rear door on MD-80 aircraft
  • [ACEO-36564] - International zone tile not tiling properly causing performance degradation
  • [ACEO-36571] - Loading a save from beta 2 or earlier version takes unusual long time
  • [ACEO-36574] - Airline approval rating display incorrect percentage value
  • [ACEO-36582] - Loading a pre beta 3 save can cause walls to disappear
  • [ACEO-36586] - Certain letters are sometimes not visible in staff panel
  • [ACEO-36588] - Tutorial step doesn't recognize commercial runway
  • [ACEO-36591] - Missing distance check between person and nearest node can cause passengers to be displaced
  • [ACEO-36597] - Flight process monitor panel not updating properly
  • [ACEO-36598] - Progress bar for vehicle purchase does not update reliably
  • [ACEO-36601] - Removing a planned wall will convert the foundation to built
  • [ACEO-36604] - World entrance tunnels deserializes as entrance only and can't be changed
  • [ACEO-36612] - Vehicles don't recognize world entrance tunnel directions as two-lane roads
  • [ACEO-36615] - World entrance tunnel direction can't be changed if only two tunnels are present
  • [ACEO-36617] - Grid mismatch between tiles causes rendering glitch
  • [ACEO-36629] - Audio engine can in rare instances run out of virtual channels causing excessive lag
  • [ACEO-36654] - Sidewalk tiles can't be place next to stand entrance
  • [ACEO-36658] - Employee terminal assignment numbers not frequently enough updated
  • [ACEO-36660] - Late update setting for emergencies causes their duration to be extended beyond expected length
  • [ACEO-36665] - Franchise cut shown as 100 times higher than it actually is
  • [ACEO-36666] - Uncaught exception in aircraft spawning can cause ATC to stall
  • [ACEO-36672] - Vehicles can in certain instances spawn for arrival and then immediately turn after tunnel end and leave the airport
  • [ACEO-36674] - Tunnel entrance forced to both directions if only one exists in world
  • [ACEO-36680] - Road tunnels can get end up deadlocking traffic if placed closed to map edge
  • [ACEO-36681] - Vehicles can in certain instances not find a suitable world entrance tunnel and deadlock on road
  • [ACEO-36682] - Shipment delivery validity check can in rare instances deadlock and not resend failed deliveries
  • [ACEO-36692] - Very high fines can in certain instances be randomly handed out
  • [ACEO-36704] - Contractors now prioritize terminal foundation ahead of terminal wall
  • [ACEO-36718] - Tutorial skips terminal foundation building step
  • [ACEO-36719] - Loan interest is shown as 100 times higher than it actually is
  • [ACEO-36726] - Crosswalks not always zoneable
  • [ACEO-36750] - Taxiways cannot be upgraded
  • [ACEO-36755] - Elevators can become deactivated on placement
  • [ACEO-36760] - Secure zone areas can in certain instances connect through walls
  • [ACEO-36827] - Various structures do not update grid access settings correctly allowing animals to pass through
  • [ACEO-36834] - Out of memory exception in aircraft pathfinding analysis tool can cause UI panel to deadlock
  • [ACEO-36838] - Doors cannot be placed in front on boarding gate entry
  • [ACEO-36849] - Terminal overlay view generates confusing red overlay on terminal related objects even though no terminal exists
  • [ACEO-36850] - Teleported passengers do not correctly update their zone permissions causing a heap of different issues
  • [ACEO-36852] - Saab 340B aircraft has several incorrect service vehicle positions
  • [ACEO-36853] - De-icing spray effect speed and distance
  • [ACEO-36854] - Tutorial step for baggage system does not recognize completed sub tasks
  • [ACEO-36855] - Demolishing planned walls on planned terminal foundation causes the walls to be removed but the foundation converted to built
  • [ACEO-36857] - Floors can in certain instances after combinations of building and planning mode actions not be rendered correctly
  • [ACEO-36862] - Ambulance air flight contracts not correctly expired when incident is handled causing the auto planning system to nuke the planner with duplicate air ambulance flights
  • [ACEO-36867] - Contractors can in rare instances deadlock when boarding a contractor shuttle
  • [ACEO-36868] - Uncaught null reference exception in duplicate parked vehicles validation check can cause loading process to stall
  • [ACEO-36870] - Missing action method in last tutorial step can cause tutorial system to deadlock
  • [ACEO-36879] - World notification containers on stands can in rare instances not be removed correctly
  • [ACEO-36882] - Incorrect numbering on emergency response station vehicle doors
  • [ACEO-36894] - Ventilation fans on police stations offset on z-axis
  • [ACEO-36904] - Null reference in template button assignment can cause unexpected UI issues
  • [ACEO-36906] - Anti collision beacon lights not showing on Swiftly Boeing 737-600
  • [ACEO-36911] - Contractors can in rare instance deadlock immediately after a save due to premature path calculation invocation
  • [ACEO-36915] - Vehicles can in certain instances attempt to leave via unreachable world entrance tunnels
  • [ACEO-36921] - Terminal objects overlay shows on all floors
  • [ACEO-36936] - Tiles is not counted as a to be built object in construction panel
  • [ACEO-36945] - Deicing fluid depots cannot be built underground
  • [ACEO-36947] - When placing runway entrance taxiway nodes automatically toggle on
  • [ACEO-36952] - Walls blocking boarding gate entrance are not removed on load causing stands to loose connection with security checkpoints
  • [ACEO-36957] - Missing translated string in airport light control setting
  • [ACEO-36960] - Original world tunnel entrance can in certain instances not be demolished
  • [ACEO-36961] - Missing unoccupy call from service vehicles assigned a new job task can cause duplicate vehicles to appear in parking object UI
  • [ACEO-36970] - Remote shuttle bus stops cannot be zoned as international
  • [ACEO-36972] - Copying a rock spawns a tree (while placing) until placing it down
  • [ACEO-36973] - Various incorrect material settings for night time on vehicles and certain buildings
  • [ACEO-36974] - Service vehicles can in rare instances become invisible
  • [ACEO-36975] - Rock uses tree sprite in object placement panel
  • [ACEO-36976] - Aircraft de-icing fog too heavily impacted by wind
  • [ACEO-36999] - Close button missing in flight planner flight information display
  • [ACEO-37002] - World notifications incorrectly displayed in dashboard panel
  • [ACEO-37004] - Room overlay displayed below persons
  • [ACEO-37015] - Some items change variation on relocation
  • [ACEO-37016] - Relocated items can become demolished immediately
  • [ACEO-37022] - Closing the bug report panel while taking a screenshot renders the panel unusable until reload
  • [ACEO-37023] - Dragable items are not relocated correctly
  • [ACEO-37030] - Lag in update system can cause desks relying on important time updates to scrub planned check-in or boarding
  • [ACEO-37049] - Demolishing rooms can on rare occasions cause a null reference exception
  • [ACEO-37051] - Interest rates for loans labeled as extremely high
  • [ACEO-37053] - Auto planner doesn't process all flights causing certain flight sizes to fail to plan
  • [ACEO-37056] - Camera doesn't reload in saved position
  • [ACEO-37059] - Trees not always automatically demolished when placing structures
  • [ACEO-37060] - ULD trailer sprites not correctly set
  • [ACEO-37064] - Incorrect placement rules for road tunnels
  • [ACEO-37070] - Copy and pasting walls causes sprite connections to not update
  • [ACEO-37075] - Purchased vehicles will in certain world entrance tunnels configuration settings not spawn
  • [ACEO-37078] - Outline of vehicles parked below terminal visible through secure zone
  • [ACEO-37087] - Conveyor belt cargo destroyer interacting with an asset can in rare instances deadlock if that asset is removed
  • [ACEO-37088] - Animals can on large maps spawn inside fenced off perimiter
  • [ACEO-37090] - Detection light on baggage scanner rendered below scanner
  • [ACEO-37091] - Incorrect material on emergency response station light poles
  • [ACEO-37092] - Vending machine markup slider values has incorrect scale
  • [ACEO-37094] - Changing floors while assigning parking object to service vehicle causes overlay to disappear
  • [ACEO-37095] - Vehicles with incoming deliveries are not allowed to override world tunnel entrance availability causing them to often get very delayed
  • [ACEO-37103] - Planned world entrance tunnel generates traffic
  • [ACEO-37105] - Deliveries to structures depending on two different road type connections cannot be made if either is not connected
  • [ACEO-37108] - Connection markers visible on delivery site connected to service road
  • [ACEO-37115] - Auto planner will in specific instances not schedule flights on airline specific stands
  • [ACEO-37122] - Rare floating belt loader trucks can disrupt baggage transfer service
  • [ACEO-37124] - Missing null reference check for de-icing supply trucks can cause them to stall
  • [ACEO-37125] - Kitchen sinks are not deserialized correctly
  • [ACEO-37127] - Transition node data can in rare instances become null causing passengers to stall while transitioning floors
  • [ACEO-37128] - Relocation of objects respawn objects in specific locked rotation
  • [ACEO-37133] - World entrance tunnels can connect to transit structures through the ground
  • [ACEO-37137] - Rock and tree share description text
  • [ACEO-37142] - Multi selecting parking objects will cause only first selected object to invoke changes
  • [ACEO-37145] - GA aircraft invoking a takeoff emergency can cause unplanned commercial flights to become emergency flights
  • [ACEO-37147] - Planned road nodes are considered activated
  • [ACEO-37149] - Orphaned construction tiles can cause construction system confusion
  • [ACEO-37174] - Vehicles aborting an activity while reversing do not reset reverse state
  • [ACEO-37183] - Flight slot container time says N/A if allocation crosses date line
  • [ACEO-37197] - Vehicles can in rare instances deadlock inside world entrance tunnel if not being able to find a path to preferred exit
  • [ACEO-37200] - World borders hard to see with snow texture
  • [ACEO-37203] - Passengers can in rare instances try to board via rear aircraft door even though no stairway truck is available causing them to get stranded
  • [ACEO-37205] - Flower change type after copy and paste
  • [ACEO-37206] - Palm trees are placed at an offset
  • [ACEO-37207] - Passengers failing to board a remote aircraft can get orphaned on stand
  • [ACEO-37211] - Aircraft with cabin cleaning percentage near 99 does not initiate boarding process
  • [ACEO-37225] - Stair truck warning light not aligned
  • [ACEO-37230] - McDonnel Douglas MD-80 doesn't request stair truck
  • [ACEO-37244] - Vending machine variation type does not alwasy deserialize as correct type
  • [ACEO-37263] - Minor text error in tutorial
  • [ACEO-37269] - Vending machine markup fee resets upon panel reload
  • [ACEO-37287] - Medium runway has the same price as small runway
  • [ACEO-37295] - If stands have scheduled flights to be cancelled at deactivation while having multiple stands selected only one stand will be deactivated
  • [ACEO-37303] - Incorrect fee collected at hangar for repair work
  • [ACEO-37304] - Terminal objects overlay is not disabled correctly if removing the last terminal area
  • [ACEO-37331] - Passengers boarding an aircraft can in certain instances when reloading save get deadlocked on stand
  • [ACEO-37348] - Relocation of a built object generates refund
  • [ACEO-37369] - When clicking reschedule flight the arrival and departure time is incorrect
  • [ACEO-37380] - Certain objects are not generating a refund at demolish
  • [ACEO-37381] - Walls planned for demolishing reset after save reload
  • [ACEO-37385] - Hangar status reads "awaiting pushback" when aircraft is being dismantled
  • [ACEO-37389] - Contractor shuttle arrival can deadlock if user quits game while shuttle is in vehicle spawn queue
  • [ACEO-37394] - Catering food deliveries not executable due to incorrect path connection point for world tunnel connectivity tests
  • [ACEO-37395] - Vehicles can in rare instances default to reversing after completing a job task
  • [ACEO-37398] - Passengers self checking in for a heavily delayed flight can in rare instances deadlock due to uncaught null reference exception
  • [ACEO-37400] - Update lag in construction panel can cause incorrect contractor deployment numbers
  • [ACEO-37402] - Small hangars are not correctly deserialized to accepting commercial until hangar panel is opened
  • [ACEO-37405] - Bulldozer can demolish deicing pads without closing them first
  • How do you add the extra tunnel entrances? I feel like I should know this…


    Awwww! Finally new things for the game! :+1: :grin: :fireworks: :tada: :champagne:

    I take this opportunity to ask you if the game is going to be perfect with the RX 570 or 580 video card. I’m looking at other options for my computer and these are some of them. Anyway, keep up the good news and improvements! :smiley: :+1:

    I’ll keep reading them around here. :nerd_face:


    No more road congestion, awesome!

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    Hey am I just dumb but I haven’t seen the option to have water yet no I am saying this as I was looking at the Trello board and it seems to be on experimental any ideas? :confused:

    Really love the planning mode. Makes it so much easier to plan out the airport. I would like the contrast to be a bit sharper in the terminal so it is easier to see what I’m placing. But the concept and implementation of it is great.

    Building a fence all around your airport early is critical - zooming out and watching the animals trying to find a way in is fun.

    Also love the extra area to play with too - now I can spread out the airport a bit more.

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    A long awaited feature as part of the feature voting request category, planning mode is here! Any object can now be planned, and of course later on built, using the planning tool found in the lower build menu.

    A little information from me: With planning mode you can give priority to constructions by starting their construction first.


    Amazing stuff guys… and someone sayd Beta is only for bugfixing and minor improvemrnts.

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    I love being able to have multiple entrances and exits to the map. Would it be possible in the future to be able to assign the tunnels as entrance or exit only, sort of like how we do it with taxiway entrances? Or is this out of the question?

    At least here in the USA, most airports have a dedicated entrance and exit with multiple one-way lanes. I have been trying to recreate this sort of pattern, but it proves difficult and doesn’t work all that well.

    (Also) I have noticed in the current programming, vehicles tend to ignore multiple one lane roads that are next to each other and prefer to all line up in one, which would have to be tackled in order for the aforementioned item to work correctly.


    Wow, this Beta release is full of great features and bug fixes. Thank you devs for your hard work.


    Very good news! In general this new release is one of the most important ones lately.

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    Important note on the procurable land tiles. The new map size forced us to do changes to the tiles, therefore, you need to re-purchase them or unlock them/add funds via the json save file. This change was necessary to even support the older map size.


    Wow, that’s an awesome big update with many nice things. Can’t wait to try them all out in a new build! Thanks guys!


    I love the Planning tool. I have a suggestion. Currently, you can lay down a planned template. Then, if you overwrite it with the planning template again, it changes those things to “build mode”.

    I would like to add the functionality: when you overwrite a “build area” with the Planning Tool, those things become planned builds. That is, those things are changed from the build (blue colored) to planned. this way, if I start building something, then change my mind to prioritize something else, I can stop it’s construction of the non-prioritized thing.

    Just loaded my game: there are no planes coming. Schedule is filled as always but the planes just don’t arrive. Everything else looks normal and I have no Warnings… :confused:


    Edit: they don’t get activated. they show a minus time with actitation in the flight schedule…

    Awesome! Multiple road tunnels is a brilliant addition.


    Beta 3 was definitely the most feature packed beta as all of the prerequisite tasks have been handled in the previous alphas and betas. The issues for beta 4 will be visible on Trello once we launch it but in general it will be a lot less features, only minor such including some features that are purely for stabilization, and more focused on bug fixing as will beta 5 and 6.

    The first button in the infrastructure category in the build menu! :wink:

    Unfortunately I tend to don’t give exact recommendations when it comes to GPUs, however I would recommend you to ensure that whatever GPU you get has at least 2 GB of dedicated dedicated memory (VRAM) to meet the minimum requirements of the game and at least 4 GB to meet the recommended requirements.

    What you saw was an issue in regards to limiting the airport selection on water, which has been fixed in beta 3. Currently we have no plans on adding water landscaping to the game but with the new tiling system I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in the team tries to get this in as part of a future beta release… we’ll just have to see! :wink:

    Thanks! :heart:

    No, not impossible at all, but it all comes down to how much time we have to allocate to features like these. We will think about it! :slight_smile:

    We’re deploying a hotfix soon!