Airport CEO Alpha 35 released (The Terminal Update)

:building_construction: The Terminal Update :flight_arrival:

The terminal update features a wide array of new content and improved systems revolving around one of the airport’s main structures: The terminal! With proper support for multiple fully divided terminals and thereafter adapted flight and passenger AI, passport checkpoints and immigration, new desks, restaurants and airline lounges, walakators and elevators and much much more this update will for sure reset the clock on terminal design in Airport CEO.

In this update we’ve included:

• Multi-terminal support via a terminal painting tool
• Passport checkpoints and immigration
• Departing and arriving passenger segregation support
• Restaurant and airline lounges
• Various automated desks including self check-in and more
• Overhauled and expanded passenger and employee AI, a new trash generation system, multiple new placeable items such as vending machines and statues, walakators, elevators and much, much more…

Let’s get back to basics!

// Apoapsis Airlines

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 35.4-0

New feature


  • [ACEO-19225] - Overhauled object and vehicle hitbox click system
  • [ACEO-25009] - Alpha 35 tutorial adjustments
  • [ACEO-25010] - Build menu restructuring
  • [ACEO-25011] - Alpha 35 R&D project adjustments
  • [ACEO-25766] - Employees and service vehicles covered by a terminal area and are unassigned will now automatically be assigned to the newly created terminal
  • [ACEO-25828] - Decreased cafés display fridge amount and room size requirements
  • [ACEO-25979] - New airlines: Jumper, Edwards Bay, Maple Express, Strada Regional and Stripe Air Regional
  • [ACEO-25980] - Airline fleet overhaul
  • [ACEO-26864] - Slightly decreased minimum distance for all aircraft sizes
  • [ACEO-26927] - Adjusted traffic spawning to consider number of queuers on transit structures and not just number of transit structures with queuers
  • [ACEO-27099] - Adjust passenger transit structure selection to rely on airport's total transit structure ratios
  • [ACEO-27713] - Slightly decreased medium aircraft distances to improve route generation in certain areas

Due to a maximum character limit the full change log could not be posted here. Please see this forum post for the complete list of resolved bugs.

Update notes

Upgrading your airport

This is one of the largest and most fundamental updates Airport CEO has ever seen which means that there are a lot of things to adjust to! Given these large changes we do recommend that you experience Alpha 35 by starting a new airport and adjust to the new systems by following the update tutorial.

If you decide to adapt your existing airport to international flights, automation or multiple terminals we highly recommend that you stop all traffic to the airport and make those adjustments with the airport closed.

Multiple terminals

You can now divide your airport into multiple terminals using the terminal paint tool. Make sure that a dragged out terminal covers both aircraft stands, the terminal building and transit structures like bus stops and subway entrances. By pressing [T] you will reveal the terminal overlays and terminal employee and service vehicle assignment menu. Job tasks that are generated within a terminal can only be executed with employees and service vehicles assigned to that terminal so make sure that your terminals aren’t empty!

You can still build and operate an airport without any terminal assignment. Job tasks that are generated outside of a terminal area will be executed by employees and service vehicles that are not assigned to any terminal.

International zone

The international zone is a new zone type that can only be built within a secure zone area. International zones cancel out staff zones and employees can freely walk across any international zone border but passengers require passport checkpoints in order to enter or exit an international area.

Passport checkpoints are used for both entering and exiting an international zone and can be built in either direction, secure to international (entrance) or international to secure (exit). This is outlined in the updated tutorial. Large stands require connection to a boarding desk placed in an international zone area where medium and small stands require connection to a boarding desk in a domestic area, however, experienced CEOs who’ve played through the tutorial can enable a ‘realistic stand’ toggle setting in the in-game gameplay menu which enables international flights for any stand size using a per-stand toggle (found by clicking on the stand).

Automated desks

All the new desks are researched via the automation project and, once that project is completed, become available in the desk build menu. Make sure to research everything or play using sandbox mode to unlock all new items!

Airline lounges

Airline lounges are built using the specific room type “airline lounge”, found along the other rooms in the room build menu (ultimate commercial project must be researched). In order for an airline lounge to operate it requires the placement of at least one buffet table and one information desk - you select which airline operates which lounge by clicking on the room to open the panel and select your preferred airline from the drop-down menu. Airline lounges can also house bathrooms within them which will then only be exclusively used by airline lounge visitors. In order to brand your airline lounges you can place down airline logo stickers on the floor, found in the decoration build menu.

Future stabilization updates

Given the very large and fundamental change this update brings it is very likely that we will deploy several stabilization updates to the default branch throughout the rest of this month. Please bug report any issues you find and we’ll get busy fixing them!

Enjoy and we’ll see you soon!

Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 35.4-0


  • [ACEO-19168] - Added target lines for vehicle and desired target destination as aid in determining construction problems when a vehicle can't find a path to a certain location
  • [ACEO-20009] - Passengers disregard queueing when boarding aircraft
  • [ACEO-22604] - Vehicle spawn rate not correctly adapting for airports with large amounts of transit structures
  • [ACEO-24311] - Employees do not always correctly remember failed job tasks causing job task fetching deadlock in rare instances
  • [ACEO-24313] - Unplaced items dragged across placed rooms can incorrectly get the room assigned as parent
  • [ACEO-25297] - Selection marking for deletion of certain objects remains when switching floor
  • [ACEO-25317] - Passengers can enter into airline lounges that they are not eligible for
  • [ACEO-25318] - Tutorial shows medium check-in desks instead of small ones
  • [ACEO-25320] - Wrong name for baggage drop in objects panel
  • [ACEO-25325] - Thread exception can cause contractors to stall when attempting to path find
  • [ACEO-25328] - Memory leak when splitting zones can cause duplicate secure areas and heavy performance degradation
  • [ACEO-25329] - Excessive teleportation behavior when verifying current position can cause passengers to be orphaned at inaccessible bus stops
  • [ACEO-25330] - Missing null reference check for timed lights can cause game to crash when removing lights during activation simulation
  • [ACEO-25340] - Tutorial shows wrong tab for vehicle parking objects
  • [ACEO-25342] - Passengers are not always using walkalators to a realistic extent
  • [ACEO-25348] - Secure area zone construction can cause duplicate areas to spawn
  • [ACEO-25359] - Passengers do not fetch self check-in desk origination from closest available bag drop position
  • [ACEO-25366] - Realistic flight toggle in gameplay menu setting not correctly set resulting in occasional loading crashes causing strange loading behavior
  • [ACEO-25468] - Incorrect break in boarding system when aircraft cabin cleaning has been completed can cause boarding to completely stall
  • [ACEO-25564] - Domestic flight route generation too low
  • [ACEO-25623] - Bags are not accepted by automated baggage drop desk
  • [ACEO-25637] - On rare cases removed aircraft can block paths which stops aircraft movement
  • [ACEO-25638] - Flowers unaffected by light
  • [ACEO-25696] - Improved notification warnings for check-in desks not found in terminal or self check-in desks not built
  • [ACEO-25755] - Automatic passport desk missing name
  • [ACEO-25804] - Missing bool checks in cabin cleaning turnaround service can cause excessive notification spawning
  • [ACEO-25810] - Missing state check for automated baggage drops can cause check-in open status to frequently toggle
  • [ACEO-25813] - Passengers using self check-in machines continue to drop off bags even if baggage handling is turned off
  • [ACEO-25819] - Improved zone panel overlay for secure and international zone to better instruct on missing area item components
  • [ACEO-25820] - Inconsistencies in economy report
  • [ACEO-25826] - Airport logos not always correctly loaded
  • [ACEO-25831] - No designated operating cost for automated boarding desk
  • [ACEO-25844] - Incorrect oberserver pattern usage for graph containers can disrupt loading process
  • [ACEO-25850] - Uncaught null reference exception in lighting system can cause loading process to break
  • [ACEO-25853] - Game engine upgrade issue casues hundreds of warnings to be printed when game launches into main menu
  • [ACEO-25860] - Improved activation checks for baggage drops to prevent opening without a self check-in desk present
  • [ACEO-25888] - Missing state check for automated boarding desks can cause boarding to begin prematurely
  • [ACEO-25922] - Cannot assign large pushback truck or large belt loader truck to large stand
  • [ACEO-25975] - Contractors can in certain situations deadlock just outside of terminal on upper floors
  • [ACEO-26034] - Embraer 190 has incorrect sprite assignments
  • [ACEO-26049] - Currency symbol not showing up correctly on the current balance
  • [ACEO-26066] - Tutorial shows old employee panels
  • [ACEO-26070] - Uncaught null reference exception in aircraft livery spawning can cause loading process to break
  • [ACEO-26084] - Missing serialization of remote stand status can cause international zone areas to be spawned on airport tarmac
  • [ACEO-26096] - Missing UI panel floor set call can cause duplicate international zone areas to be displayed
  • [ACEO-26105] - Incorrect int check for employee type can cause franchise staff not to grab available job tasks
  • [ACEO-26112] - Extending terminal can cause all assigned staff of that terminal to be disregarded
  • [ACEO-26114] - Passengers shares needs info hover with employees
  • [ACEO-26136] - Multiple incorrect livery configs for various aircraft
  • [ACEO-26181] - Typo in walkalator description
  • [ACEO-26186] - Incorrect zone setting for contractor transfer site can cause shuttle boarding to stall
  • [ACEO-26190] - Removal of items and structures using foundation bulldozing and construction simulation can cause multiple objects across the map to randomly disappear
  • [ACEO-26191] - Security checkpoints can in rare instances deadlock when employees do not correctly set their interaction point occupation state
  • [ACEO-26193] - Person cars parked at public lots can upon loading immediately exit and drive away in reverse
  • [ACEO-26195] - Attachable fuel tanks are always deserialised as Avgas-100
  • [ACEO-26211] - Shelf in contract proposal is not localized correctly
  • [ACEO-26214] - Incorrect despawn validations can cause passengers and employees to randomly teleport around an airport
  • [ACEO-26216] - Missing validation check when placing walls can cause extensive security zone duplication
  • [ACEO-26228] - Small pushback truck can aimlessly float throughout the airport grounds
  • [ACEO-26229] - Incorrect clamp value can cause passengers queuing for desks with no static queue points to deadlock
  • [ACEO-26240] - Wrong clamping of queue index request could cause index out of bounds exception
  • [ACEO-26265] - Removal of secure and passport checkpoints do not correctly validate areas
  • [ACEO-26280] - Removal of aircraft stand does not correctly remove secure and staff zone and validate area
  • [ACEO-26289] - Display fridge has different names in different places
  • [ACEO-26347] - Construction workers using walkalator in wrong direction
  • [ACEO-26350] - Terminal areas do not persist correctly across save states when using custom world size
  • [ACEO-26380] - Minor sprite alignment issues with Forrest Air for Embraer 190
  • [ACEO-26575] - Elevator transports people to floors it can't reach
  • [ACEO-26628] - Franchise staff woking hours job task generation not reliable and can cause no-show staffers
  • [ACEO-26633] - Employees assigned to a deleted terminal do not correctly reset
  • [ACEO-26638] - Incorrect public transit ratio calculation variable can cause person car stops to stop working
  • [ACEO-26641] - Disable placement of self check-in kiosk if no baggage drops are placed in vincinity
  • [ACEO-26659] - Stainless steel counter is recognized as stove
  • [ACEO-26665] - Incorrect area check for items can hinder various placement actions and passenger fetching strategies
  • [ACEO-26671] - Incorrect save state of automated desks can cause employees to engage in job task simulation
  • [ACEO-26733] - Missing null reference check for passport desk job task automation can cause loading process to stall
  • [ACEO-26758] - International zone areas not correctly validated when building staff zone ontop
  • [ACEO-26760] - Domestic airport label in CEO-panel is wrong
  • [ACEO-26784] - Secure zone area validation working correctly for small stand but not for medium and large stand
  • [ACEO-26797] - Hedges now separate zones similar to how walls work
  • [ACEO-26802] - Enabled extensive serialization logging and save file validation to improve save feature realiability
  • [ACEO-26813] - Airport logotype without IATA-code still got IATA data
  • [ACEO-26814] - Closest domestic airport returns double.MaxValue if no domestic airport exist in country
  • [ACEO-26834] - Passengers attempt to access unreachable baggage claim belt parts causing baggage not to be picked up
  • [ACEO-26846] - Vehicle in world calculation incorrect causing disabled turnaround services
  • [ACEO-26850] - Vanding machines color change back to default after reload.
  • [ACEO-26851] - Removing terminal foundation in a zoned area can invoke strange zone duplication behavior due to missing validation checks
  • [ACEO-26862] - First airport logotype not initialized correctly
  • [ACEO-26902] - Placing doors and windows do not remove the wall they cover
  • [ACEO-26905] - Zones placed at stand gate door not correctly merged with adjacent zone area causing stands to not recognize security checkpoint connections
  • [ACEO-26915] - Franchise desk and room activation not always correctly invoked
  • [ACEO-26921] - Incorrect path validation setting for vehicles can cause service trucks to in rare instances not carry out job tasks correctly
  • [ACEO-26945] - International zone areas are not correctly validated when building doors
  • [ACEO-26950] - Security checkpoints partly covered by rooms cannot be opened
  • [ACEO-26959] - GA stands incorrectly spawn gate doors
  • [ACEO-26977] - Missing null reference check for security checkpoint fetching can cause certain major controllers to not launch correctly generating incorrect notifications
  • [ACEO-26983] - Missing null reference check for security checkpoints can cause objects to disappear on load
  • [ACEO-26998] - Adjusted invocation value for passenger shop behavior to avoid passengers standing and then immediately sitting down
  • [ACEO-27002] - Upgrading stand to jetway generates duplicate zone area
  • [ACEO-27014] - Missing description on newly implemented airlines
  • [ACEO-27019] - Persons attempting to pathfind from an unwalkable position can get stuck in a loop and display jittering behavior
  • [ACEO-27035] - Contractors can complete demolition of objects despite not accessing them
  • [ACEO-27037] - Incorrect folder permission setting during save process can cause the serialization process to deadlock and the save to become corrupt
  • [ACEO-27113] - "Important"-header showing in tutorial even though there are no important tips to show
  • [ACEO-27120] - Delivery trucks can in rare instances where multiple delivery sites are placed not executve any delivery correctly
  • [ACEO-27123] - Null reference in aircraft pathfinding fetching can cause aircraft to taxi outside of node path
  • [ACEO-27180] - Some baggage contents are not localized
  • [ACEO-27188] - 3 star flights won't generate if only having large security checkpoints and no medium checkpoints.
  • [ACEO-27191] - Incorrect operation validation checks for security checkpoints can render them inoperable
  • [ACEO-27217] - Airport logo too big on small baggage trucks
  • [ACEO-27232] - Contractors can in various cases get stuck on a specific uppe floor with no terminal attached causing pathfinding deadlocks
  • [ACEO-27268] - Added inclusion of originally loaded save file to investigate issue with random missing items on save load
  • [ACEO-27278] - Domestic/international stand ratio not based on stand (flight) size which in specific airport setups causes imbalanced flight generations
  • [ACEO-27294] - Incorrect activation toggle method can in rare instances cause security checkpoints to activate after load
  • [ACEO-27318] - Toggle on staff hiring panel now allows for enabling or disable automatic terminal assignment on new employee hire or service vehicle purchase
  • [ACEO-27326] - Conveyor belt placed between two tunnel tiles incorrectly adjust to their direction
  • [ACEO-27339] - Grid not fully reset causing placement issues when starting a new airport after leaving another one
  • [ACEO-27344] - Passengers can include staff-only jetway transition node in their path causing stuck passengers on stands with arrival and departure segregation
  • [ACEO-27395] - Minimum distance for certain aircraft types not clamped correctly rendering them unavailable for certain routes
  • [ACEO-27425] - Contractors can in rare instances get stuck in walls after constructing specific interaction items
  • [ACEO-27429] - Stands assigned to a specific airline do not get prioritized in the auto-planner flight schedule loop
  • [ACEO-27430] - Public transit vehicle spawn interval way too low
  • [ACEO-27433] - Large security checkpoint scanner sprite has incorrect z-value causing overlapping bags
  • [ACEO-27442] - Delivery trucks cannot correctly execute delivery orders until after save and reload
  • [ACEO-27460] - Franchise staff movement can cause franchise room to temporarily close
  • [ACEO-27471] - Missing null reference exception in queue fetching system can cause queue copying to break
  • [ACEO-27472] - Pressing enter on dialog panel invokes action twice
  • [ACEO-27487] - Missing null reference check can cause contractors to deadlock when constructing certain items
  • [ACEO-27491] - Passengers stuck on attached stand cannot find their way back to a gate entrance
  • [ACEO-27494] - Opening the operations tab after manually closing security checkpoints can cause them to toggle on again
  • [ACEO-27497] - Missing activity exception can cause passengers in airline lounges to loop between trash throwing behavior and information desk fetching
  • [ACEO-27500] - Missing displacement counter can render construction objects to appear inaccessible immediately
  • [ACEO-27504] - Contractors displaced outside of terminal on underground floor can deadlock
  • [ACEO-27508] - International toggle graphic in stand panel isn't updated correctly after prompt
  • [ACEO-27517] - Fuel truck progression stream not visible
  • [ACEO-27522] - Building shelves in a closed shop room with an active contract causes products to be rendered
  • [ACEO-27530] - Incorrect passenger behavior invocation for eating can cause sit-and-stand loop while resting
  • [ACEO-27568] - Vehicles cannot pathfind across newly built tunnels
  • [ACEO-27575] - Incorrect statement check causes passengers to access shops one hour after open time
  • [ACEO-27577] - Small flights do not get correctly auto planned when existing in large quantities together with medium stands
  • [ACEO-27579] - Boarding desk now automatically zones area underneath as international if connected to an international only stand
  • [ACEO-27583] - Passengers waiting for baggage claim with need values at zero and no access to relief objects cannot correctly resume waiting behavior
  • [ACEO-27591] - Persons stuck on stairs cannot fetch nearest available node and recover
  • [ACEO-27592] - Persons do not remember if they failed leaving the airport via a specific structure type causing them to deadlock in the leaving process
  • [ACEO-27596] - Failed deliveries, regardless of object origin type, can try to fetch new delivery object as "delivery sites" causing (for example) food deliveries on construction material delivery sites
  • [ACEO-27599] - Service road checkpoint warning icons excessively large
  • [ACEO-27609] - Aircraft stand terminal count does not originate from center of stand causing terminal area marking confusion
  • [ACEO-27639] - Refueling trucks can in rare instance not find fuel depot and execure refueling
  • [ACEO-27641] - E-mail address set before new game data is created if starting a new game before quitting application.
  • [ACEO-27642] - Terminal roofs can in very rare instances display too much ventilation details
  • [ACEO-27670] - Higher vehicle spawn rate causes random fuel trucks to spawn when only single delivery is required
  • [ACEO-27673] - Wall does not always separate international zones on load causing areas to incorrectly merge
  • [ACEO-27707] - Increase subway entrance weight ratio for passengers leaving the airport
  • [ACEO-27719] - Passengers can in rare occasions get stuck on lower floors
  • [ACEO-27731] - Too high update interval for transit structures can cause passengers to get stuck when leaving the airport
  • [ACEO-27741] - Displaced contractors do not correctly set their floor position to nearest node when displaced
  • [ACEO-27748] - Unlogged job task exception can cause job task distribution system to stall
  • [ACEO-27754] - Locked area icon not rotating with camera
  • [ACEO-27756] - Rare stack overflow issue when verifying person positions can cause persons to stall
  • [ACEO-27770] - A certain tutorial state may break deserialization process
  • [ACEO-27775] - Auto flightplanner ignore night ban

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Yessssssss! Time to start playing again this awesome game!

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The ticking time bomb has officially exploded in excitement! Great job @Olof, @Fredrik, and @Alexander for making this update possible.


QuickQuestion for @Rubble. Is the MD-11 in the game now? [Experimental]

No, no idea when it will be released or any other aircraft either, sorry.

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Any other aircraft atleast?

No new aircraft at all same as what was in A34

What aircraft in Alpha 34?

All the aircraft that is in A34

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This should only be one secure zone

This should only be one secure zone

Give it a little time. It takes some time to adjustment. Meanwhile you can continue on playing.

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