Airport CEO Alpha 27.8 released


Putting up a fresh version the experimental with the weather system back online and some general bug fixes. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.8-0


  • [ACEO-4752] - Re-implement basic weather effects
  • [ACEO-4883] - Increased loan payback days slightly on all loans.


  • [ACEO-4624] - Game settings file sometimes not being generated on startup causing the main menu to freeze
  • [ACEO-4745] - Aircraft stuck on rare occasions due to incorrect flight setting
  • [ACEO-4882] - Person do not check if room is in same secure area before attempting to plot a path there

New Feature

  • [ACEO-4829] - Enable full skip of weather cycles to mitigate effect of non-weather cycle bug

Nice will give them a try! A Late Evening Patch!


Very much looking forward to another series on this marvel of a game!:smiley:

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dear developers

I just tried the update 27.8 and the storm is very good, congratulations and I can not wait any longer to try the final version

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hi there
what is the code password to get on to BETA

Tim here, take a look

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That’s nice to hear! Should mention that quite a lot has happened to the (very) broken weather system and that there’s, in addition to some balancing of the weather values also new code and new visuals for the weather effect. Since we’re unsure of the performance impact on low spec machines we will deploy an option later this week where you can disable the weather effects.

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A couple of issues I’ve found so far. Firstly Airport Staff are walking though wall to get to their boarding desks. I also have a couple of checkin desks saying they cannot reach there job site. Bug report sent [4918]

PS I’m recreating Airplane the Movie in this image. :rofl:

I also keep getting this a lot more frequently than previous versions. Same bug no.

A save and reload has made it work, but staff are not in the correct position.

On rescheduling flights, they can overlap.

@Olof Did you know some of the social media icons have now disappeared? I’ve done a restart but they remain missing.

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@Olof Okay, one that’s plagued me on and off as I’ve been playing. It seems that if I build a new secure zone it triggers something then the PAX cannot find a secure exit. Same build as before just a little further developed. It happened then but didn’t correlate the two.

Yeah, a classic Unity sync bug. Should be fixed now.

Alpha 27.8-1 coming up! Sweden went through to the world cup quarter finals today so it’s been quite a nervous day at the office, regardless this update has the long awaited fix for aircraft that occupy an entire path, i.e. aircraft should now not have to wait for a long while until a certain aircraft has passed but can determine when they are able to move and when not. It’s experimental so we’re very much looking for your feedback on its performance.

Here’s the change log:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 27.8-1


  • [ACEO-4927] - Improve aircraft node occupation movement system to avoid long waiting time for aircraft when taxiing on same path


  • [ACEO-4893] - Several minor development panel bugs related to the weather system
  • [ACEO-4897] - New game start at year 11, day 11 before correcting itself
  • [ACEO-4916] - Night ambiance light too dark

New Feature

  • [ACEO-4926] - Implement toggle to allow users to disable weather effects

Looking forward to trying that path fix :slight_smile:

[ACEO-4927] - Improve aircraft node occupation movement system to avoid long waiting time for aircraft when taxiing on same path

Does that mean no more stupid Ground ATC that holds all commercial aircrafts for 1 tiny Cessna? :hushed:


Alas, still broke on the icons. :persevere:

One hopes so, or at least better than it was :slight_smile:

That’s the idea.

Rubble, are you on 27.8-1? I can’t reproduce it here… :confused:


Oh, no. I thought I had the update, but not got one.

Yeah, scratch that, update finally polled. Sorted on those icons. :slight_smile:

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Should be less at least, but there will always be situations where they will be forced to hold on a strange position. In the new update, aircraft will try to pass a occupied segment on the taxiway if possible. :slightly_smiling_face:


A suggestion for lights. The ones we have now are fine for the PAX but they really don’t do anything to illuminate airside. Could we get higher (as in height) airside lights?

Yeah these look cool. But currently stands have their own light posts so how it will be?

Btw, do you see what I see on picture? :open_mouth:

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