Airport CEO Alpha 23.6 released

DevLog will follow soon. :slight_smile: This is probably one of the last updates on Alpha 23 before cycling to Alpha 24 as we plan to merge the experimental branch with the quite outdated default before end of this week so that we can start fresh on Monday.

Important Change on Alpha 23.6:

  • Grass runway is no longer suitable for any medium aircraft. Medium aircraft now requires either asphalt or concrete runway with at least 800 m in length.

  • Some old contracts will have question mark on their logos. This is due to contract data changes. New contracts should have correct logos. Does not affect gameplay.

Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 23.6


  • [ACEO-2915] - Added a button to skip a tutorial step
  • [ACEO-2919] - Medium aircraft should not be able to land on grass runway
  • [ACEO-2921] - Various tutorial updates and bug fixes


  • [ACEO-2569] - Applicants button leading to vehicles
  • [ACEO-2841] - Vehicle panels do not show newly procured service trucks and pushback trucks
  • [ACEO-2856] - Place door on wall tutorial bug
  • [ACEO-2857] - UI text label issue on clock type dropdown
  • [ACEO-2877] - All stands listed as medium stands
  • [ACEO-2909] - New contracts says aircraft type DHC6

New Feature

  • [ACEO-2923] - 11 new airlines added (only A320 for now)

really looking forward to alpha 24, so much good work has been done

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The new airlines look great, they suit the game well! :airplane:



Great job you are doing! Congratulations!!!

I was frustrated for delaying in flight planning and flight contract changes announcement! But I totaly understand you had a busy week trying fix the bugs in the version!!!

Keep up the excellent work!!!

Edit: I can’t read the changelog in Atlassian, is correct?


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Yes, this is correct, you can only view open issues in our Jira and not create an account as that costs money. You can browse all issues here and use the filtering to see only what you want.

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Thanks @Olof ! You are the best!


I have 23.6

So is it just me, or is this a bug: When the game is in 2x or 3x, planes still miss the runway completely?

Also: I know you all changed contracts, but it seems there is nothing to tell us the size and number of stands before we sign a contract. For me that is crucial to flight planning. Is that something that is gonna be fixed, or is that going to be the norm?

The new contract system has not been implemented yet but they have changed how the contracts are described in the page. It sounds like this is will change once new contract system is implemented and the information displayed will be updated.

Is is normal that only medium flights will be deployed?

I’ve just had three small flights been sneaked in, despite having no small stands. Oh well, I will be failing that contract.

yup it happened to me too

@Fredrik isn’t ATR considered medium-sized aircrafts? At the same time, isn’t it possible for ATRs to land in grass runways?

Maybe ATR can be added to a new group like “Small-Medium” in between small and medium aircrafts. In future when aircraft modding become a thing, ERJ and/or CRJs can be in this group either.

You can already move the CRJ and ERJ into such a new category (I suspect we’ll see the ERJs there soon)

ATR is considered a medium and can only land at asphalt/concrete. Maybe it can land on grass in real life but this is for simplifying it. :slight_smile:

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I was like "pffff there is no way ATR could land on grass :stuck_out_tongue: "

Apparently, it can :open_mouth:


In the future, is it probable that the ATRs can be moved into a midway class between small and medium, where we can lump business jets GA as well as planes like Saab into such category as well?

ATR 42 and 72 aircraft can not land on the grass, Only on concrete and asphalt.

@Luis have you ever read my link?

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Great! Can’t wait for a default update! You are doing a fantastic job as usual!