Airport CEO Alpha 23.5 released

Yes, I am yet again working the night shift. Devlog will follow soon… :wink:

Alpha 23.5 is released on experimental containing some new visuals and other stuff. Patch notes below, check it out!

Qucik note: The object description panel sometimes shows large or weird objects in the new object preview pane, it’s not fully polished yet so we are aware of that. No need to report it! :slight_smile:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 23.5


  • [ACEO-2832] - Updated tree sprites
  • [ACEO-2833] - Stripe Air has received a new livery
  • [ACEO-2835] - Minor changes to traffic system to prevent long routes to for vehicles to turn around
  • [ACEO-2843] - New tree sprites implemented
  • [ACEO-2844] - New toilet sprites implemented
  • [ACEO-2845] - New shop franchises sprites implemented


  • [ACEO-2616] - Planes get stuck after removal of runway
  • [ACEO-2758] - Aircraft can get stuck on runway on rare occasions
  • [ACEO-2818] - Shadows for inside objects incorrectly simulated
  • [ACEO-2819] - Placement effect not correctly deactivated upon object construction

New Feature

  • [ACEO-2799] - Implement Conveyor Belt Pack 1

Has anyone else a problem with tilt trays used with underground belts ? They doesn’t seem to work anymore.

it’s OK for my airport

oke thanks, back to the drawing board then.

Can you post a screen shot here?

Three screenshots. I realy don’t know what I did wrong. Between the 23.4 and 23.5 update I was rebuilding my bagage handling system.

I have flights getting stuck at the stand saying runway not found with a pulsating red exclamation point… but i haven’t removed a runway…

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Did you check your taxiway nods ? If you did please post screenshot with taxiway nods toggled on.


Is your runway 800 meters?


I don’t know if its only me but if I follow the tutorial on the step that says “place a door on the wall” it doesn’t assume the placement of the doors even with the 3 types of doors already in place.
Sorry for my bad english, if it gets too confuse, here’s a pic:


Can you both send in your saves via a bug report? I’d like to look at them! :heart:

Already did that. After rebuilding the tilt trays (what didn’t help) the only solution I could think of was rebuilding (again) my whole bagage handling system. I was thinking of doing that this evening.

So my constructors have some very strange behaviour. I reloaded the game and it was solved, I also don’t seem to be able to recreate it.

They first walk to the end of the map to then return straightforward to their goal, disregarding any objects on their path, straight through walls, furniture, etc.

Can you locate your ouput_log file and send it to Sounds like a NullReference was thrown.

Done, sorry for the late response.

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I noted that the ATR42 aircraft has not been showing up at my airport since the last update and many confuse ATR72. I have tried in several company and star but is still missing. just by pressing F10 and generating the aircraft that appears. a comparison image that is similar but no one notices.

I was wondering if anyone else has found the conveyor belts to be a lot slower. The bags seem to slow down around corners, intersections and tilt trays. I tried rebuilding my luggage network but nothing was changed. It seems more mechanical now, start stop start stop.

This is a correct observation, they’re slowed down to match the speed of the belt animation. Tonight’s hotfix will include a high speed belt variation.

Good catch! This has now been fixed.


Did you already found out what was wrong with the tilt trays ? If so will it also be in the hot fix ?

Yes, I can verify that there is an issue with the tilt trays, they only correctly sort every other bag and am looking at solving this prior to the hotfix deployment.