Airport CEO Alpha 23.0 released


Alpha 23.0 was just released on the default branch after soaking for quite a while on the experimental one. If you haven’t already, make sure to check it out!

Here’s the complete patch notes for:

:airplane: :airplane: :airplane:


Thanks for the update!

After the update of 23.0 I have noticed an unusual thing. Fueling is happens directly from my tank to aircraft. I have seen this two three times. Here is the screen shot. Log file is not saving to my system. So I am not able to provide the log file.

I am very impressed at the amount of work that goes into making the game stable. New bugs come up, but it seems that you guys know where to find them and how fix them quickly. Good Work!

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Hi, @Olof
This default branch item is based on non last experimental branch update, but even somebody participate in steam beta he will not able to launch experimental branch version, while it has lover number then default.
This leads for some issues like some saves does not work in 0.23.0, because they was made in But as you wrote in devlog default branch use
Please just release 0.23.1 experiential or something like this, so we can use old saves :slight_smile:

Well I managed to launch the experimental branch after the update, however something seems to have gone seriously wrong, before the update I was having a great time with “no problems” at all (and no I have not changed anything), now I got this:

If you need the save file let me know.

nice, so you can save the tank vehicles. :smile:
For me now is the problem that my ramp agents do the around check, but the check-board around was not requested by the planes.

Not sure what you mean, all saves are compatible with any game version. Are you unable to load saves on the default branch?

Well I hate to say it, but something is definitely broken, I have passengers stopping de-planing in the middle of it, baggage not all being taken off the plane, trailers of baggage cars being left all over the place (and sometimes with baggage still on them), planes not being loaded with baggage even tho I have like 15-20 baggage cars.
I jusrt saw your reply, so will make up the save and send it to you…

Yes, please file a bug report and include the save and I will have a look at it. :slight_smile:

It might be a unique use case that is causing this, we’ve run several lengthy tests on several player built airports have found none of these issues you’re describing so I will have to take a look at the save to see what’s up.

Thank you for the quick reply :slight_smile: - Report filed - ACEO-2503

Great, will chck it now. Quick question, I presume you did not test on the experimental branch before 23.0?

I been on Experimental since you opened it up :smile:

Well then that’s very strange since there were basically no changes between the last experimental version and the default one, especially not regarding path finding and such. Will have a look non the less!

The save I sent you was a brand new one in the middle of the problems I was experiencing. - Maybe I should have included the save I loaded earlier before the problems started… - Let me know what you find and if it seems fine I can send you the previous save.

What OS are you on?

HI again, @Olof
Yes, I am unable to load saves on default branch.
Saves are from last experimental branch.

They should be compatible, because it is just JSON, but something not working. I thought because not all experimental features added to current default.

I filled bug report before my first post and you should have two my saves. One with passengers and one almost without them (3 MB vs 13 MB PersonData.json difference :slight_smile:

By the way I was happy in 0.22.9, because all works much better then in previous versions… And now everything not working again :frowning:

I can confirm that we’ve been dealing with an issue for macOS today due to a bad build version being deployed (which is why Windows wasn’t affected). We’ve pushed a fix for this now to the default branch.

I will check the loading and saving issues.

NZ_Simplicity is on a Mac. I helped him to find his saves when he first started playing.

Allright, we had another issue with the macOS build that was also related to this. A hotfix to the experimental branch is availalbe, maybe @Rubble can check with this update?