Airport CEO Alpha 0.21.11 released

Update: Got some immediate reports on 0.21.11 not being able to regenerate job tasks (which is weird since nothing has changed there). Reverting to 0.21.10 to investigate and updating thread. Update is thus postponed.


Grab it while it’s hot and get back to us if you notice any performance differences. :airplane:


Sadly I’ll only be able to touch this in ~ 3 hours :confused:

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3 hours is reasonable, my work day just started :frowning:


Damnit I still have 8 hours to work :sob: Then I will test 20.11 with my massive airport :wink:


Nice airport EG0611.
Your long terminals would be a perfect example for having a Moving Walkway (flat escalator)!

Yeah, thanks :slight_smile:

Reverting back to aircraft requiring a holding point to leave and enter runway (the current system could cause buggy situations)

I don’t understand this. So now how aircrafts will move from and to runway?

By having a holding point specified. There were many confusions around holding points due to lacking tutorial so we tried a system where it would attempt falling back without a holding point but it did not work very well. So for you who are an advanced user there’s no change, it’s simply back to the point where you have to have a holding point.

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Don’t worry, I’m planning to use that when I get back.

Will be interesting to see what changes it makes. When we did testing of this we dragged out a terminal covering the whole map (i.e. one tile of the map, i.e. the unlocked starter world) and got 4 FPS completely zoomed out. After the change, same map size, we had 22 FPS (editor mode, mid-range PC). Of course it was completely empty so the use case for an average airport, or perhaps your airport, might not be that notable since rendering is pushed down by a lot of other objects. Anyway, it’s just the first step and there is a lot more to do.

Also, I can confirm that sidewalks is an issue (as said in the patch notes). The reason we did not detect it is because the rendering performance hit is not completely linear but more exponential, so really large sidewalk areas does punish your comp. This will also be fixed in the foreseeable future.


So glad to see some effort done to improve performance, unfortunately i’ll not be able to test it today.

Could we get some more technical details on what’s been done? Batching? Instancing?

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Got some immediate reports on 0.21.11 not being able to regenerate job tasks (which is weird since nothing has changed there). Reverting to 0.21.10 to investigate and updating thread.


I was excited to test if it runs better now. :neutral_face: Well a few hours won’t kill me.

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It will be deployed around 21/22 CEST tonight! :slight_smile:

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I had an issue where planes moved extremely slow on the taxiway because “another aicraft is blocking path”. (seriously, it took several in-game hours to arrive at the gate) Very annoying, especialy since there was no aircraft on it’s path and all other aircraft couldn’t move because they had to wait.

EDIT: This was on version 21.11 this morning

My construction workers aren’t doing anything anymore. They were fine earlier yesterday but for some reason today they aren’t building anything. I’m trying to get sidewalks built to my check point so that my fuel trucks can get into the airport. I have tried to send them back and deploy them again and nothing happened.

What version are you on?


Can you file a bug report and send in the save file plus the output_log file?

I will give it a shot. I’ve tried to send a bug report and attach a file before but the path that was laid out in the instructions last time I tried wasn’t found on my computer after the 4th or 5th option. I will try again and let you know. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

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I saved the game and restart . It was back to normal or i dismiss them and hire call all of them again…

However this is a bug which eventully should be fixed