Airline employees with security and remote stands

Pilots and flight crew need to go through security too. Players should make designated security checkpoints to get them through, so flights don’t get delayed. Then for remote stands, a specails service can should use the remote bus stand to get the crew to the plane early.

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You can specify staff security checks already , you have to select it from the tick box option on the individual security check point.

I don’t think you read that right, I meant the airline’s employees, not the airport staff. They don’t have flight crew and pilots in the game. If they did the staff of the airline would need to go through security, then for remote gates the airline’s staff would board a specail car from the remote bus stand, to get to the plane early

It’s an excellent idea. Remember for next round of voting.


Yes but I think they should let us make a security checkpoint just for those staff too.

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Oh definitely.

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And the planes should be late, which incourages players to make sure airline employees get to their plane on time.

That is a great idea given that the real world has pilots/crew. With regards to security, a button that allow crew inc cabin/pilot would be ideal.

Like it would allow us to make gates for any combination of airline employees, airport staff, and passengers, giving the player a few “VIP”s that the player must get to the plane on time or it can’t leave.

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The “VIP”s being the airline employees.

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