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I purchased Airport CEO from steam last weekend and have been getting to grips with it ever since, especially the baggage handling!! I have also used the great airline mods provided by members of the community to add more realism.

One thing I would like to ask is that the point of origin seems pretty randomised, except for GA aircraft. I created a small airport on the Cocos and Keeling Islands (southwest off the coast of Indonesia), which belong to Australia. I added Virgin Australia and did a quick mock-up of a CRJ700 in Virgin Australia Regional Airlines colours as a sub for their Fokker 100 fleet, as they are the only airline that in real life fly to the islands. Both of their flight points of origins are all over the place, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal, India, China and Australia.

I was wondering if their were plans to allow modders to assign an airline a home country where most/all of their flights originate from the various airports in the database (I am assuming there is one, given the detail of the flight info provided). I don’t know whether it is possible for larger airlines in the future to have a “primary” country and a “secondary” country of hub, with a 70-80% to 20-30% random split as to where the flights come from.

Thank you and sorry if this has been asked before.


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This has indeed been talked about before, although I agree it is a very cool idea, especially for real life mods such as ACEOMM.

Have a look here:

It has been discussed in other places as well, bit I think this is the main one. :slight_smile:
All in all, it’s a great idea - maybe the devs could put this data in the jsons in future?

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The plan to have more realistic routes is based on these:

  1. Airplane maximum operation range
  2. Airplane minimum operation range (based by Olof’s statements, code prevents big airplanes to take short routes. It prevents 737-800 to fly a very short and unrealistic route, like a flight from London Heathrow to London Gatwick)
  3. Airline base country.
  4. Destination airport PAX size (so you won’t see a flight of A380 from Gatwick which is an airport mostly for LCC and small airplanes) (I won’t lie it took ACEOMM team’s 1 months to gather PAX data of 14k~ airports in ACEO :slight_smile: )

As long as AirportCEO reads/analyze the data everything is possible and every data can be gathered and edited to be useful. The beauty of ACEO is also in here: Everything is code based so everything can be read and/or be analyzed.

I even had an ideo of getting data of airline’s base and side hubs and offering flights according to that. For example British Airways will fly from its main hub Heathrow more frequently than Manchester to your airport. Maybe with bigger airplane or so.

Of course in order to manage this, ACEOMM team needs undertable support of developers but they are already extremely busy with game’s itself :frowning:

Welcome to the forums. I’d love to see your VA regional :smiley:

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Great idea! But Gatwick is more a “secondary” international gateway for London rather than a LCC hub. Both Virgin Atlantic and British Airways has some heavy jets (777, 747, A340) flying in and out of there. Granted it is smaller than Heathrow, but IRL LCCs usually use London Stansted instead.

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