Realistic Arrival Locations

I have an airport in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. Boston is a major city, but when you sign a medium contract with an airline, you generally get service to small cities and tows, such as Greenville, South Carolina rather than realistic services such as Miami, Dallas, LA, etc. This isn’t much of a problem with cheap contracts as you’ll get realistic services most of the time with those, but it’s a little annoying to see 737 services to random towns rather than other major cities.

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Those are realistic. Smaller markets get small & medium jet, and larger turboprop service as modeled in ACEO.

Since you specifically mentioned GSP, it’s an international airport that’s served IRL by Allegiant, American, Delta, Southwest, and United. That’s going to give you RJ’s, 717’s, and 737’s.

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For when you start out yes, but when you’re getting into later years and you’re biggest destination is GSP, it’s a kind of ruins the feeling of building a big airport. Also, RJs make some sense, but 737s from GSP to Boston is a little unrealistic, especially since the biggest 737 service from GSP is Atlanta. All the other routes are flown by smaller planes operated by the regional versions (ex. American Eagle)

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What are you expecting? It’s basically impossible to add code that specifies what type of plane can fly out of a specific airport to another specific airport.


Well the destinations you get from light-weight flights are pretty typical of what you should get from a medium weight flight and vice versa (minus overseas destinations), so I can’t imagine it would be that hard. I would much rather be getting 737s from Chicago over a Cessna.

That means that the developers would have to go throughout the entire world to create realistic flights using realistic types of aircraft and implementing that into the game.

For example: As you said, they would have to dictate that flights out of Chicago should be used with larger aircraft, then they would have to do the same for every other major / semi-major airports throughout the world. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of airports throughout the world where a 737 would be typically flown out of such as ZBOW, VOGO, ZBYN etc etc etc. This would require massive amounts of research on the economics of these thousands of airports throughout the world and then they would have to code them appropriately into the game.

On the other hand, maybe the made-up airlines in this game chose those routes using these aircraft because that’s what they think is needed to serve that route economically. We aren’t playing with American Airlines or United in ultra realistic conditions where the airlines base their routes and equipment on the economic situation that the route imposes. Maybe to the airline in the game, their best option economically to fly from Chicago to your airport is to use a small Cessna, while it also finds it economically suitable to fly a 737 out of Greenville.

IIRC, this is already planned, along with help from some of the community members.

You are correct. There has been talk on how to do that with data gathered by the community. Its a matter of deciding how much time and effort should go into these routes, because in the end this only really impacts the route you see on that little map :slight_smile:

Which is quite a dealbreaker for some people. I mean, for a tycoon game, it certainly can kill the “realism” aspect.

I agree, but i reckon this will be a feature we will be able to vote on like any other :slight_smile:

It would be nice if they bundle the planned update/content based on theme, so it also makes sense thematically and helps adds direction (kinda like the way Paradox does this)

So for example, the devs would present the option of:
a. Security Update (re-work how security would act, adding patrols, K9, etc.)
b. Operations Update (adds catering, fleshing out baggage system, and maybe underground fuel system)
c. Safety Update (incidents/securities, emergencies, etc.)
d. Climate Update (making biomes work, adding de-icing services, implementing temperatures and add items like glass, indoor climate control, etc.)

EDIT: This would also make it easier to troubleshoot any problems resulting from new mechanics, so the flow would be like update → bug bash → update → bugbash, etc.


There are more themes but yes, that would be nice. It would give the developers room to work with while also gerting feedback about what pwrt of the game needs attention next

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