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I haven’t been able to find anything about this so assume it maybe a new post. Besides reviewing contract offers from Airlines for flights to and from our airport will their be any opportunity to negotiate with airlines for enhanced terms in return for airline perks. What I mean by this is return for increased no. of flights, more passengers, etc. can we dedicate check in desks, help desks, gates specific to the airline with their banner/logo assigned. Or even advertise the airline on advertising banners dotted around the airport. Advertising space could play a key revenue stream in the game. Operating contracts with more enhanced realism and depth would add a real strategic element into the game. An advertising element to the game would also be excellent for the more commercial astute amongst us to ensure we increase the “pull” of the airport and ensure we are delivering £$ for our ROI. Giving each airline their own business strategy will give them personality and bring negotiations to life, it can also play a role in deciding which airline to work with and are our strategies aligned to enable a JBP.

What excites me so much about this game is the scope and depth it offers and hope their is enough interest beyond this community to make it a profitable adventure for the developers. I just ask the people complaining about the release date so calm down and think rationally before they shoot from the hip! The game will be released when it is ready.

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Hi there, to try and answer some of your questions, many of your suggestions have been discussed partly in different threads, but many of them may have little or no input from the devs (they read everything, but dont always post). This means that most of the discussions are just within the community
Negotiating with airlines is something that has been discussed, most recently in the thread linked above. But run a search for “Negotiation”, and you will find atleast 6 threads where this was discussed.

For assigning check in desks to airlines, a recent baggage system overhaul meant that you could assign specific desks to specific flights.
This did cause quite a discussion on assigning check in desks to airlines vs individual flights. More here (comment 26 to 36)

As for assigning gates to airlines, each flight is scheduled by you (as CEO), and with the recent change, flight scheduling is now to specific gates (vs randomly chosen by path finding algorithm) via new flight planner. So now, you can make your own unwritten rule and schedule all flights of an airline to the same gate. (See Maple Airlines below)

Regarding advertisements, Olof gave a reply in another thread (not necessarily airline, but private sponsors also)

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