Add the ability to have different locations for arrivals and departures

Add the ability to separate the arrival and departure areas. In real airports, you don’t exit at the boarding desk, you go to a separate area. It would be nice to see this feature implemented into the game.

Somewhat separated systems are possible in game, at least it is possible to make the flow of people not go to the checkin area

Yes, it is possible.
I think, a nice solution has @llondru found. Have a look to the 18. and 19. picture in this posting: EURO Airport (EUR) - #5 by llondru
Maybe is this one possibility, what you are looking for.

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Yes, this is possible. On stand exits you see a entrance and a exit side. Unzone the part between or put in a wall or other decorations so that pax cant cross to the other side.
I can upload a screenshot later, just did a nice setup today using separation. :slight_smile:

For remote stands you can assign a dedicated arrival bus stop to the stands.

/edit… oh, I was too late :smiley:


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